Sunday, May 30, 2010

1st Email

Date: May 30, 2010
Area: Provo MTC, Utah
Companion: Eldre Hooke
From Ventura, California

We got Bradley's first email yesterday. It was so exciting, We have been waiting for this letter! He only gets 30 minutes to email, which isn't very long to answer all of the questions I've been asking him in my daily letters. He said he studies alot and is very tired. They work about 12 hours a day. His Companion is Elder Hooke from Ventura Calif. They are the only ones in their room so they both took the bottom bunks. They went straight to classes on Wednesday after we dropped him off. He said "If I know one thing it's that they don't mess around." He's physically and mentally exhausted. He's doing ok with Portuguese, He said that he can almost Pray and bear his testimony. They haven't learned colors or numbers yet. The Rosetta Stone helped him. He says he already feels more prepared to teach. The MTC is tough but he's already grown spiritually. He wants to get to Brazil for the sake of the language, but he know's it will work out. He said "I bet I have already gained weight cause I eat too much plus work out alot. My room is on the 5th floor and my classes are on the 4th floor so I climb hundreds of stairs per day. I have a great view of the Temple from my room. I love you all and will write next week. Love you, Elder Ludlow"
 I Can't wait to hear from him next week. I miss him so much!


Date: May 26, 2010
Area: Provo MTC

May 26, 2010

Taking Bradley to the MTC was the hardest thing I've ever had to do! We woke up and went through his bags one last time , Then we got in the car and drove to Provo. We went and had lunch at Magelby's then we headed over to the MTC. We parked the car across the street and walked over to take pictures in front of the MTC sign, Then we took a few more pictures on the lawn, I wanted to wait a few more minutes to get in the car and drive over to the MTC but Bradley said "It's time for me to go." So we said a family prayer and drove over to the MTC, as we drove through the long driveway and seen all the missionaries lined up to escort them in it really hit that he was leaving us for 2 years. When we stopped at the curb the escort was walking toward us so Brad and I got out of the car with Bradley and gave him one more big hug, then Brad took a few pictures, when his escort got to us he looked at Bradley and said "I'll get your bags" Brad took a picture of them together and I hurried and hugged him one last time, then they walked away from us. Bradley looked confident and ready. He didn't look back once, He just talked to the missionary as they walked away. We cried all the way home.

Setting Apart

When Bradley was set apart it was a very spiritual experience for everyone. I have never heard a more powerful blessing. We came home and everyone told what they remembered about the blessing and we wrote it down so he could take it with him, it was awsome! We took a couple of family pictures afterward. Then we all slept on the living room floor together as a family because he had to report to the MTC the next day.


May 16th 2010

Bradley's farewell talk was really good! He did such a great job, The spirit was really strong. Brian and Brandon also spoke in Sacrement as youth speakers, I was so proud of my boys that day! We had a nice luncheon after church and he had alot of friends and ward members come to wish him well. I would like to thank everyone for their suport and Love!