Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It was great to skype with Elder Ludlow on Christmas, He looks really good.
It was fun to hear him talk about the people he has grown to love and all of the neat experiences he's had.
I'm amazed at how much his testimony has grown! and he's not my shy little Bradley any more.
We had Derek and Jannette and thier cute little kids come over and see him, (He can't believe how big Sadie is getting, - She will turn 1 the same day he turns 21) Dean and Jill and their kids came over too, cute little Kevin is always asking about him, We had a few of his friends come over.
It was fun talking about him coming home and his plans for collage and stuff.
I can't believe we only have four months left.
I Hope everyone had a Great Christmas, - I did!
With Love,

Monday, December 19, 2011

Trip to Arapiraca for p-day

Date: December 19, 2011
Area: Paraíso, Alagos
Companion: Elder Araujo
From: São Paulo, Brazil

Hey Fam!!

Today I went to Arapiraca. It was cool to see my first area and visit the people that I met there. It was just a long, tiring pday.

But it´s going good here. the work is going okay... the closer it gets to Christmas the more people are partying and drinking. But we found a 2 great families this week. just that one of them had family in town and we couldn't get a hold of the other so no one went to church. This week I did a division with Elder Rowland. He´s supper cool. My companion, Elder Araujo  is awesome, he teaches really well and gets along well with everyone.
So they called wanting to know about my flight plans. I told them that you guys might come pick me up and he said to figure it all out on Christmas...

I´ll call to mark a time for the phone call. it might have to be on Saturday. I´ll let you know though.

I hope it snows for you guys this Christmas... it so muggy and hot here... but I remember I suffered way more last year. I´m getting used to it I guess.

Bubba's long board videos are cool. He´s gonna have to teach me when I go home.

I´ve been thinking a bunch about what I´m gonna do when I go home. It´s getting super close. I gotta have a plan for school and stuff.

I´m gonna read All of Doctrine and covenants. I´m gonna start with section 138 and go backwards for the last 138 days of my mission.

That's about it... i don't have a lot of time today, plus I´ll talk to you this week. but I love you all and I´m learning a lot and loving my mission. be safe!!!
Love, Bradley

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ingrids Baptism

Date: December 12, 2011
Area: Paraíso, Alagos
Companion: Elder Araujo
From: São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Araujo, Ingrid, Elder Ludlow
Hey family!!!
This week was a good week! We had quite a bit of success and baptized Ingrid this week. She was really happy and excited. We let Elder Rowland baptize her. It was his first Baptism on the mission. We baptized her at stake conference. It was via satellite. Elder Ellis, Silvia Allred, Elder Eyring, and Elder Christoferson. They spoke to everyone in the northeast of Brasil. It was good. We had Edjane´s baptism marked for the same day. We did the interview and everything, but she said her mom was sick on the day of the baptism. We´ll try and baptize her this Saturday.

Elder Araujo, Elder Rowland, Ingrid, Elder Ludlow

This week we played a joke on Elder Rowland. We hung up this super ugly fruit on the wall called jaca; it seriously looked like some kind of animal. It was super funny he freaked out when he saw it. I´ll send a pic.

Super ugly fruit called Jaca

That´s awesome that Julie went to the temple. I bet that was awesome to see her and Joe there.

I´ll write grandma a letter. She said she wants another pic.
I sent a letter to KY like 2 weeks ago; she should get it any day. That’s good that she´s going to institute. I´m excited for institute and stuff.

This Wednesday I´ll go renew my visa. I’ve got to go to the federal police to do it.

I´m stoked for Christmas! It´s coming up fast. I just don’t know if the internet is fast enough here to use Skype. I´ll figure it all out though.

Bubbas video was good, he´s getting good. Bubbs should make some more longboard videos and send them to me, and Brian playing guitar.

I´m doing good! My companion is awesome. He´s super humble and teaches way good. We´ve had some awesome lessons this week.

But one thing is that my comp broke our toilet. It apparently wasn’t screwed down and he knocked it over and it shattered. lol

There´s a couple of families that I love here, I'll take some pictures
Oh and I forgot tomorrow is the mission Christmas party. The whole mission will be together, that’s never happened before so I’m stoked

I love you guys!! I´m doing well!
Have a great week.
Elder Ludlow

Monday, December 5, 2011

New Companion

Date: December 5, 2011
Area: Paraíso, Alagos
Companion: Elder Araujo
From: São Paulo, Brazil
Hey guys!!!!

So, I got my new companion! Elder Araujo from São Paulo. He´s a way cool guy. He has 3 months on the mission. He has only like a year and a half in the church. He´s an awesome guy. We have been working great together and we have already had a ton of success. We are still working with Edjane, we´ll try and baptize her this week. She knows the church is true, it´s just the question of leaving her church. We also found a girl named Ingrid that went to church a bunch already and went yesterday. We marked her baptism for this week also. We are also working with Eliene, but she´s got to get married... we´re going to have a family night to make friendship with her husband. I love that family! They have 3 kids that are all members; they always ask me to baptize their mom. And also her sister Luciana. Her baptism is marked for the 17th and she has a daughter that will be baptized with her.

We´re also teaching a lady who´s son got shot this week. We went to visit her and said a prayer for her son, and we went back the next day and he had died. So we´ll go back and teach the plan of salvation.

It´s almost Christmas! Everyone is starting to buy trees here and put lights up on their houses. And it´s getting so hot.

That´s awesome that Julie and Joe are going to the temple, I wish I was there to go! I miss the temple.

My companion lost his wallet this week on the day we took out money. So he has nothing till the 15th. I´m helping him out and so are the others in the house.

Elder Becker left the house. I´m going to miss my red headed friend, and now Santána is training, so we have a new missionary in the house. His new companion is Elder Rowland, from Sacramento. He´s cool. It´s funny to remember my first transfer in the mission, I´m still district leader, it´s been like almost 6 months. But I like it.

I got a card from you guys, Grandma Hall, Kylee and the Nottingham’s. Tell them all thank you and I´ll write back this week.

I´m going to the office on Thursday to renew my visa. it’s been expired since I made a year.

That’s about it I’m doing good and I’m excited to baptize and it looks like it´ll be a great transfer.

Love you guys, I know this church is true. Have a great week!!!!

Love you!!
Elder Ludlow