Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Phone call

     We got to talk to Bradley on the web cam on Christmas. It was soooo great! the internet connection was really good, We were worried that it would cut out and not have very good reception but it worked perfectly the whole time! We hooked the computer to the big TV and so we could all see him, It was just like he was sitting in the room talking to us.
      We talked to him for a little while and he told us some stories and bore his testimony to us and it was very spiritual, then we called Dean and Jill to come over and let them talk to him for a minute, then we had a couple of his friends come over. I think it was fun for him to see everyone, he talked alot to McKay and Micah about the Mission and that it's hard, but it's worth it. He won't see them for 3 years, because they will be on their missions when he gets home. He told us that when he first was out on the mission he was there for other reasons, but now it's very spiritual and now that he feels comfortable with the language it getting easier and better, He loves the families of the wards, and he loves the little kids that are always running up to him and hugging him. They love his blonde hair and blue eyes.

We got to talk to Elder Oborn, while Bradley talked to his family, It was fun to hear Elder Oborn tell how quiet and shy Bradley was when he first arrived in Maceio, he said that he's not like that any more and he loves being Bradley's companion. They have alot of fun together.

  We also got to talk to the Sister Missionary's, they are very cute and sweet. Sister Campos and Sister Nigri, both from Brazil.  Sister Campos got on a few times, She bore her testimony to us in English, Bradley helped her a little bit but she did great! When Bradley was talking to her family, she was telling us that Bradley is her very best friend in the mission, it was fun to watch them talk to each other and joke around.

     It  was interesting to watch and listen to Bradley switch back and forth between English and Portuguese, he would be talking to us in English and then he would turn and say something to someone in Portuguese and he didn't even have to think about what to say. He said that he used to have to think of the word in English then translate it to Portuguese but he doesn't have to do that anymore, it just comes naturally now, a few times during our conversation, he couldn't think of a word in English, we would have to help him, and some English words sounded weird to him. It's only been 7 months, I wonder how it will be after 2 years? When he was speaking to us in English, he has an accent, it's so cute!

     Brad took the laptop outside and showed him Koda his Husky, and  took it out front and looked up and down the street, he was bummed that we didn't have any snow. Then he took him all around the house. Bradley misses Carpet, he hasn't seen carpet since he left the Provo MTC, we had a fire going in the fire place and he wanted to look at it. He said that he loves our house.

Bradley has really grown a lot, his testimony is so strong and he just has this sweet spirit about him. He has really helped my testimony grow,  I can't even explain how proud I am of him, I think only a mother can understand how I feel.

Have a great new years and be safe

Date: Dec. 27, 2010
Area: Tabuliero, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Oborn
From Sacramento, California
Hey Guys!
It was great to see and hear from everybody on Christmas day!!! I'm really glad that I got to use the web cam, All of the kids look so different, Bubba and Brian's hair is getting so long. the mullet is sweet!   I was really happy to see the family and the house, now I can't wait till Mothers day!!!!! ha ha.
 I hope that everybody had a great Christmas! Christmas here is a lot different than back home, for one its hotter than heck and for 2 nobody really has the Christmas spirit, they just drink and play loud music.

I'm glad Sister Campos got to bear her testimony for you guys. we´ve been practicing for a few weeks and she was really excited. but both of the Sister's are speaking really well.

I'm also glad that I saw Jill and Dean and the cousins!!! and I'm happy that I got to see my friends I won't see Micah or McKay forever!!! They´ll be on missions so it´ll be like like 3 years!! that's sad Matt was in the neighborhood!! I would have loved to see him! I have a letter for him that I need to send maybe he can come over on the next phone call. That's really good that Eric is doing good . I'm way excited for him.

Congrats Brookie on the Sacrament talk!!! I bet you did great! Sunday was okay for me the wards here are way irreverent so its impossible to focus but it was good!

Well I don't have a lot to say cause I just talked to you but everything here is good its almost 2011!!! and I made 7 months yesterday,  woohoo!  But yea everybody have a great new years and be safe!!!

Love ya, Bradley

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This Year for Christmas

A neighbor gave this poem to us for Christmas, It made me cry. I just want to share it with you.

This Year for Christmas

I skipped the sales after Thanksgiving
The thrill just wasn't there.
No pictures taken with Santa Clause,
my decorating has no flair.
His presents are shoes, shirts, and ties,
two suits and socks... no fun.
I've bought him all white clothes because...
This year I'm giving Christ my son.

I've spent more time in the temple,
Felt strength come from his words.
I've reread November's Ensign,
and my testimony stirred.
Our family prays more frequently
My tears are quick to run.
Abraham seems closer because,
This year I'm giving Christ my son.

I wonder how those Lamanite mothers,
gave their sons to war?
Or how the pioneers chose Zion,
their sacrifice was so much more.
My loss will be his presence,
I'll miss his smile a ton
For two years we will pray for him,
I'm giving Christ my son.

I stare at his face when he's not looking.
I memorize his eyes, their shine.
He's always hungered for the part of him,
that makes his soul divine.
The stories and lessons he always heard,
His choice and mine are one.
I'll put my faith in God's hand,
This year, I'm giving Him my son.

Past gifts have lost their glitter,
I think I finally understand
Christ's birth should be celebrated
by giving Him a hand.
It's because I know Christ lives and reigns
that all his packing's done.
My gift has taken years to make,
This year... I'm giving Christ my son.

To all of the Missionary Moms who read this blog:
May the Lord bless you and our missionary children as they serve him with all their hearts!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I can't wait to talk to you on Christmas!

Date:Dec.20, 2010
Area: Tabuliero, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Oborn
From Sacramento, California

          I Love this picture! What a cute little girl!!     
              I love it when Bradley sends pictures

Hey guys!

     How´s it going? I hope everybody had a good week and is enjoying the cold weather!
This week was okay, one cool thing that happened was that President Beynon went with us to go teach people. That was pretty neat, He does a really good job of helping people understand what they need to do. But this week was definitely a hard one, it just seemed like everything that we had planned just didn´t happen. I don´t know if it was the fact that it is almost Christmas or what, but of the 6 baptisms we had marked 4 or 5 fell through. But we´re working hard, and having fun along the way.
I'm a little depressed because I still haven´t baptized here! But hopefully I´ll be blessed after the hard times ya know?

    Oh and we went and helped work on someones house and my back went out so this whole week my back has been killing me. I'm getting old in all of my 20 years of life lol.

     But it´s almost Christmas!!! I'm way excited to use skype. I´ll call you a few days before to set up a time, but we found a lan house that´s open on Christmas and so it should work. I´ve saved some stories to tell you so I´m excited!!!!

That's good that president Mickelson was at church, I love that man, and I´m keeping him in my prayers.

That sucks that the old guys beat the young guys in church ball lol. who´s playing for the young team?

Yeah that cruise ship lady got a bunch of our phone numbers to call our parents, it was when we went and sang at the port. We had another performance last night at a fireside there were a bunch of people there.

Oh yeah, we went to McDonald's this week too! 7 long months, lol.  I ate a Big Mac it was pretty good just really expensive here.


So what do the kids want for Christmas? I just wanna talk to you guys! I'm way excited!

No I still don't have my Christmas package I bet I´ll get it in like February when did you send it?

Tell McKay I got his letter and I got the pics from you guys. I love getting pictures from you.

We should be moving out this week. I'm not excited to move all of the crap.

I´m kinda out of things to say lol and plus I´ll talk to you in like a few days, so I´ll just upload some pics for you guys!!!

Love ya,  Be safe I´ll call you on Tuesday or Wednesday with a plan!
Love you guys,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Your son is doing great!

2 weeks ago Bradley wrote about the choir singing at the cruise port:

This week the choir sang 3 times, We went to another mall, to a Catholic Church and to the cruise port. It was cool to sing at the cruise port there was a ton of Mormons all there together. It really made me want to go on a cruise again. But we sang like right where everyone gets off of the ship so that was pretty cool

I got a phone call on Friday from a sweet lady from Wyoming, who was on a cruise ship that stopped in Maceio. She said that the missionaries were there singing. she spoke with Elder Ludlow (Bradley) and that he's doing great! He's strong and healthy and happy, She said that she told him that she would call me when she got home.
   She told me that the area is very poor and that the people there don't have much. She said that's the first time she has ever seen a LDS church with a tall fence around it with a lock.
    It was so great to hear from someone who was there talking to him and said that he looks good!
She said that she will send pictures to me.

I found these pictures from another missionary blog

Bradley's in the back on the right

Monday, December 13, 2010

We had our mission Christmas party today

Date: Dec.13, 2010
Area: Tabluliero, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Oborn
 From  Sacramento, California

Hey guys!!!
Sounds like everything is going okay around the house. that's cool Brookelyn got a calling in Beehives and Micah is teaching primary, tell Micah to write me a stinking letter I wanna hear how everyone´s doing!!!!
I got a letter from Mctizzle my red-headed homeboy today, I have a bunch of letters that I need to send but
 I don't know where the mail place is in this area. but I'll find it this week and send them.

We have a few baptisms marked I don't know how firm a few of them are, I hope they work out, and like half of them traveled this week so its gonna be tough. There's this kid of 16 that's been going to church that wants to be baptized but his dad hates religion and its going to be really hard for him to get baptized, hes a great kid I could see him going on a mission if he gets baptized and his sister went to church this week too.

We had stake conference on Sunday it was really good. Usually sacrament here is really irreverent and hard for me to feel the spirit, but there was some really good talks and I learned a lot. President and Sister Beynon spoke and also a seventy but I can't remember his name. I love hearing Sister Beynon giving talks in Portuguese. she´s such an awesome, sweet lady and she´s a trooper giving talks in Portuguese in front of a big crowd.

Today we had our mission Christmas party. we played games, the Beynons raffled BYU and Utah shirts and ate some good lunch. they gave us presents ( chocolate, tie, socks, handkerchief, and a key chain and lapel pin with the mission logo on it) it was really nice, and I won a BYU shirt.
I'ts weird how this year I don't want anything for Christmas. I'll just be happy talking to you guys, my priorities have definitely changed on my mission.

Hows my buddy Matt doing? where are he and Taleesha living? that's cool McKay leaves in January, when does Cody leave again? he´ll be in Provo for 9 weeks or 12?

It doesn´t feel at all like Christmas here. It's so so SO hot and come to find out that summer doesn't even start until the 21st of this month. lol

Whats Bubba up to? is he still in to riding bikes or does he have a new hobby.

We´ll move in to our new house this week. Its gonna suck cause were on the 3rd floor in our building (to move everything) but it´ll be nice to have a newer nicer house.
So my one of my vans completely ripped in half.... way sad. I don't know if you can send me a new pair? they might not make it in the mail.

How are the Jazz doing I heard that they went undefeated in the pre-season. keep me posted.

Sounds like Grandma is having a great time in Nauvoo ,the mission is a great thing for her she loves to study and learn about the church. Her mission is DEFINITELY different than mine though.

We had a lady make cow feet this past week, my comp ate it but I was too afraid to try it, I would have tried it but the house/ food looked pretty sketchy and I didn't want to get sick.

I'm stoked for Christmas! I hope we can skype I'll try and get it all locked down this week and let you know. I have the program saved to my ipod so should just be able to open it and make a profile. I think the Sisters will call in the morning before lunch because of the time difference and we Americans will be in the afternoon here.

Well that's about all I can think to say, hope all is good love you!!!

Dec. 12, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's hot here!

Date: Dec. 6, 2010
Area: Tabuliero, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Oborn
From Sacramento, California
December 5, 2010

Hey guys, this week was okay we divided the area with the Sisters like you guys already know, so its been kinda tough to get things up and going in our half, so we´re only working a few people we really need to find a lot of new investigators this week. We marked like 4 baptisms but a lot of people traveled and it just didn´t work out to go to church so we´ll see what happens.

 This week the choir sang 3 times, We went to another mall, to a Catholic Church and to the cruise port. It was cool to sing at the cruise port there was a ton of Mormons all there together. It really made me want to go on a cruise again. But we sang like right where everyone gets off of the ship so that was pretty cool.

It's cool to have sisters in our ward. their both really cool and they make us cake and other goodies. their names are Sister Campos and Nigri.

It's so hot here I know I say that every week but its true. I miss the snow alot!!!! It does not even seem like Christmas even though some ppl have lights and stuff its weird!!!

So for Christmas we wanna try and use skype, its free so it´d be better I think. You guys will have to buy a web cam. but it'd be awesome to see you guys and talk to you. I'll call like a week before for like 5 min to tell you guys when it´ll all go down. but I cant wait till Christmas!!!! so I´d buy a web cam and practice setting it up and using it so you know what your doing.

I got Grandmas package too it was way nice, it had a bunch of good stuff in it. Tell her thanks for me and I'll write a letter to her. I have a lot of letters to send.

I don't really need anything for my b-day. I dunno. HA HA SURPRISE ME!

And yeah I took some money out to pay that guy for the scripture cases.

As sad as it is I'm thinkin you guys should sell my bike. I'm gonna want to start college right away and so I'm gonna need all the money I can. so have Brian or someone clean it all up for me and put it on ksl,

Has Brian gone boardin yet this year?

How much is gas? here the gas is way expensive they sell it for like 3 reals per liter. ($5 - $6 per gallon)

So were trying to find a new house we gotta move out by the end of the month. It's gonna suck having to move everything but we´ll probably get a nicer house so that's good.

I love you guys I hope every thing is good!!!!
I wanna let you know that I'm happy to be here serving the lord and that my testimony is growing everyday!

Be safe guys and enjoy the snow.  Only 19 days and we´ll be talkin on the phone!!!!
Love you,