Monday, August 30, 2010

I've been sick

Date: Aug. 30, 2010
Area: Aripiraca, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah

Hey Guys :D

      This week has been pretty good. sorry my letter was so short last week. the LAN house was really crowded and the Internet was so slow!!! Elder Thomas and I both left really frustrated lol.
    I keep forgetting to take pics of my house, it´s really nice. I guess some mission homes are pretty bad. we´ve been taking cold showers for like the last 3 weeks, that's fun... Our area is really good, it´s a lot nicer than that area I was in in Maceió for 4 days.
   We´ve been teaching a lot with the young men in the ward. there´s 4 that are about to leave on missions so we use them a lot. We had a baptism marked for Saturday but it fell... Maurilio the kid we were supposed to baptize smoked that day and he said he´s going to run away with his girlfriend soon.. he´s a punk!!! lol , He´s had a really hard life, He saw his dad kill his mom when he was little and so he ran away with his 2 brothers, he´s 15, I don't think he´ll really leave, He really wants to be baptized but he´s just gotta work some stuff out. Elder Thomas had a crazy idea to make him and his little brother stop smoking, we made tea out of cigarettes and made them both drink it, I hope it works! lol.
      Rosevan´s family is doing good, Their dad is working so that's good, he´s the one who´s dad got killed.. we talked with the bishop and the ward is going to start helping them out.
     Yeah we eat at the member´s homes everyday, the food is usually pretty good but theirs a few houses that we absolutely dread ha ha.  It´s always rice, beans, chicken, spaghetti, and beef. with coke, guarana, or juice to drink. Elder Thomas and I make a lot of pancakes too.
   We´ve been workin out hard core for the past 2 weeks.... I puked for the first time as a missionary last week, right in the middle of the road, it was terrible. I´ve already been sick a lot,  I´m used to it now lol. They say not to drink the tap water and stuff but it´s impossible not to cause the members make juice with it and stuff, ha ha don´t let Grandma Janet read that, lol.
  Tell Brookie that I´ve seen one monkey and it was in the center in Aripiraca. it was some guys pet. basically all I see is hundreds of nasty sad looking dogs lol.
   Mom please don't tell me the number of days I've been out! ha ha it makes me depressed! lol it feels like I've been gone a lot longer than 3 months.

     So Kylee did end up going to Utah state? that's good.  I wrote her a letter.
  Did you guys get my postcard from Sao Paulo that I forgot to send? I tried to send some bracelets home but they wanted 30 bucks to send one of those tiny padded envelopes so I'm just gonna send a box with more stuff. Elder Thomas said it will be like 40 bucks.
    No I haven't gotten any packages... they take a month or 2 to get here.
    Transfers are today, but I think we´ll both stay, President said We´ll stay in our areas for a long time.
I bet I stay with Elder Thomas for one more then go with a Brasilian.

I still haven´t made a disk. I´ll throw it in with the package.
How´s the Lovendahl´s house???
    How are Goober´s mission papers coming??
   For p-day we went to the center and printed off pics for some people in the area,
We took pics by this giant cross its literally like 3 stories tall.


Tell Dad good luck with the hunt!!!
I love you guys! be good...
Tell Grandma Hall and Grandma Linda Happy Birthday!!!
With Love,
Elder Ludlow



Monday, August 23, 2010

We Baptized a little girl named Jessika

Date: Aug. 23, 2010
Area: Arapiraca, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah

Hey guys! Hows everything going?
   Are the kids liking school? what time does Bubba have to wake up and be there if he has early morning seminary?
   Tuesday we went to Maceió for zone conference. While I was there I got your letters. I also got some from Grandpa and Grandma and Grandma Janet(she was asking about a book she lent us? did you find it?), Mckay, and Kenna hubbard. It was great! I love letters.
   We baptized a little girl named Jessika on Saturday. She´s been waiting forever to be baptized. We don´t like to baptize kids without the rest of the family but she´s gone to church a bunch and her family supports her so it´s all good. We have to get permission from the President to baptize someone under 12.

Jessika  8/21/10
      We´re going to try and baptize a dude named Maurilho next week. He has a testimony and has been to church a lot so he seems pretty firm, the only problem is were helping him to quit smoking.
        I sent Isaac a short email last week, He sounds good. So Parry left? thats good. He´ll love the mission.
 Have you heard from Alvin? I think I'm gonna write him today, has he found a girl yet? lol
I hope he goes to church and gets baptized if not thats my first goal when I get back.
  We don't really have anything planned for this p-day We´ll probably go watch a movie with some kids from the ward that are about to go on missions. President lets us watch Disney movies so thats cool.. We don't really have a lot of money to spend to go somewhere ha ha cause busses and taxi´s are kinda expensive here. Next month We´ve planned to go fishing and paintballing. I'm excited!
    So how´s Brian? Tell that fool to write me! Has he been golfing a bunch? I wish I knew of a golf course here so I could go.
   I hope Beaver was good. I'm jealous I love that place. Dad has an elk and deer tag right?
Tell him good luck. I want pics when he gets the big one.Did you guys fish there?
Tell Lym and Kody Hi.     Kody should be turning in his papers soon right?
Well I love you all. Be good and be safe!
Love Bradley

I could only get one picture to download. The internet is freaking slow......... sorry

Batizador Ludlow

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello from Brasilia!

Date: August 16, 2010
Area: Arapiraca, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah

Hey guys!

Another week has already passed!! I'm doing great here in Arapiraca my area is Brasilia!!!
  I'm really liking it in Brazil. There's a lot of really poor people. There's a family of recent converts and they have the cutest kids! Their names are Rosevan (mom) and Dawani and Roseli. I think they are like 9 and 11 years. But you go in their house and its literally 2 rooms, smaller than my bedroom back home, they all sleep on a mattress and the only furniture they have is 2 chairs, this week we bought them some food. We are both starting to build a great bond with this little family!

    I emailed Elder Hooke and he said that he is in Alabama, that's cool I just hope he gets the visa soon so he can focus on Portuguese.
     This week was really good. Except I was terribly sick for 2 days with stomach problems.  Oh and our shower head broke so we have to take cold showers.
     Elder Thomas and I are working hard! We have a lot of baptisms marked. We will definitely baptize on Saturday, it's a little girl named Jessika, We have to take moto taxis to teach her cause she lives far away. so that's cool.
                          Moto Taxi
(Zoom in on the driver, Ps. he's the elders quorum Pres.)

     We have I think 8 or 9 baptisms marked throughout the next month, but who knows how many of them will actually stay firm,  I hope all of them.
    Last night we did a division and I went with this 15 or 16 years old kid named Moroni, he is really shy and wouldn´t talk a lot, the first door we knocked on was this man named Jose, I taught him the first lesson and my Portuguese was perfect, the Spirit was there and we marked his baptism, the second door was a woman and her daughter we taught them the first lesson also and I think I got a little cocky because of Jose and this time the spirit was not there, the lesson went horrible. I learned that I really need to rely on the spirit to convert these people. so yeah that's a cool little story that happened this week!
    Today for p day we went and played basketball.,it was okay. some Brazilians came and they are horrible at bball!!! No wonder they stick to soccer.
    I'm gonna try and send a package of little stuff for the kids soon. i bought some bracelets today and they have these little rings made out if coconut. so I'll try and get that sent in the next few weeks.
    Mom I'm gonna order some leather scripture cases okay? I have to order them from Sao Paulo, the guy is right next to the MTC. so will you put money in my account if there´s not any in there? They are way cool and I don't have cases for my Port. scriptures and their getting hammered. I think they´re like 80 bucks. but their hecka durable and their way cool!!! he puts anything you want on them.
    So yeah I love you guys!!!
    If you send a package send peanut butter, mac and cheese, if you can a mountain dew. a double double from in n out lol, a sd card reader, and little american candies or ctr rings to give out to kids.

Be safe and have fun!!!
Tell dad good luck with the hunt and I'm hecka jealous. I hope he gets a big one!
Love ya
Batizador Ludlow

I'm gonna email Isaac today also.

The Brazilians have a heck of a time saying my last name. so I've resorted to introducing myself as Elder Loodlow and they still can't really say that. haha

Here's some pics.
I still can't believe I knew my trainer before the Missao!!!
Love you all!!

Drinking agua de coco 
(the house behind me has a 32" lg flat screen TV, Crazy Huh?)

Vicosa waterfall that we hiked  to all day on our pday last week

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Picture with President & Sister Beynon

Sister Ludlow,
I finally got the picture of Elder Ludlow with President and Sister Beynon. I will be sending a letter, and a hard copy of the photo this week to you.
Elder Bevan
Secretário Executivo
Missão Brasil Maceio

Monday, August 9, 2010

My comp and I worked really hard this week

Date: Aug. 9, 2010
Area: Arapiraca, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah

Hey fam! This week has been crazy!!! I went on a division on Tuesday till Wednesday with a Brazilian named Justino, it was fun.
 My comp and I worked really hard this week. we're teaching a few investigators and have a couple of baptisms marked. now that were getting to know the members hopefully we can get some references.
My comp and I had to teach a training on Wednesday, the language is okay people just talk way different here than in Sao Paulo or what I learned in the MTC, to be honest I have a heck of a time understanding them. lol.
There's a lady in this ward who her and her kids were just baptized, they had a tragedy in their home this week, her husband can't be baptized because he's killed someone but he's really trying, he has to go to church for 8 more months before the First Presidency can approve him. His brother killed his dad this week. sad huh? he´s had a really rough life. so we had to go over there and comfort them on Thursday.
We had a ward party on Friday it was really fun, it was definitely not how they do it in Utah. lol it was just really loud and crazy.
I guess it was fathers day in Brazil on Sunday, so dad happy fathers day again.
I had to speak in church on Sunday, that was scary. it was about the love of god. theres a talk about it by Pres. Uchtdorf that's really good you should read it,   (click here)   my comp is speaking this Sunday. I remember Dean telling me that the Elders would be teaching, conducting, and doing everything else, thats kinda how it feels.
I remember how bad I hated going to byc and stuff but now I see how easy my church life was, the wards here literally don´t function without the missionaries. uggh!!!
I wish I was hunting! Today we woke up at 4 am to go hiking. it was really cool!!! we went to a big waterfall. it was a long day though. it's 6:44 pm and we just got back,   next week we're playing bball, and were planning a fishing trip next month. I don't have time to upload pics, plus I have a million so I'll make a disk and mail it.
  Tell Kevin hi, there's lizards everywhere here and whenever I see one I think of him lol.
   Tell Pa good luck on the hunt. ha ha,  I want to go hunting so bad!!! but baptizing people will be fun too,
It's crazy how much baptism there is here. We invite people on the first lesson or on street contacts. My area is a little harder cause it's a  rich area, but we'll still baptize a bunch.
   My pants that grandma made are good. tell her good luck. 2 kids here are opening their mission calls tonight at ward family home evening.
  No I won't go to the Temple my whole mission, unless if you come get me I'll go to Recife with you guys. I'll send a package soon with a disk of pics and some reals ($) and stuff. Brazil isn't like Mexico where everything is cheap though, Its about like the US, it just depends, for example an xbox 360 is more than a grand here in U.S. dollars.
  Oh yeah tell Grandpa and My Grandmas I love them. And tell them I can't use U.S. dollars here lol, so don't send it.
Hows Micah's mission papers? tell that turd to get movin and do work!
Oh yeah do you know if my buddys I left behind in Provo have visas yet or are they reassigned?
I love you all be safe! be good!!!

Love, Bradley

P.S.  lol  I had my first Portuguese dream!
All I remember is I was asking someone if they had heard about our church... lol

Monday, August 2, 2010

First Letter from Maceio

Date: 8/2/10
Area: Arapiraca, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah

Hey Fam
Hey guys. Sorry I couldn´t email. Our p day is on Monday so its been forever.
I finally made it to Maceio! Last week there was leadership trainings so Sister Beynon picked me up from the airport and we ate lunch then she took me to the church, thats where I met the President and my trainer. My dad is Elder Parley Thomas!!!  he's from Herriman, We went to high school together! ha ha crazy huh? He's way cool. his parents are mission presidents in N. Carolina. he's been out since right after school got out. So last week I went to those trainings for 3 days and after we went and worked in the grota {favela} and it was pretty crazy!!! it was really busy!!!
We stayed in a house with 4 other elders. we taught some people and on Friday my comp and I baptized. :) it was pretty exciting!!!

So now I'm in Arapiraca, it's inland of Maceio, it's a really nice, clean place compared to where we were in Maceio.
I really like it here in Brazil. I'm having a blast, we went to church yesterday and had testimony meeting then we had family night with some people in our ward. I don't really know much about my area cause its only been 2 days. but the ward seems really good and the people seem nice. its a lot harder to understand people here, they talk really wierd here,  this is kinda the hick area of Brazil I think. they don't really pronounce thier words. lol but I'll learn. our house is nice I'll send pics of it next week.
So hows life in Utah? Hows the family? I hope good. Are the kids having a good summer? Hows dads work going? Tell Brooke happy birthday! So how is the neighborhood? that sucks about Chace... how bad was it?(they had a house fire) so hows Micah and Alvin and Ky? how are Micah´s papers coming? thats crazy that Ryan left! I hope he has a good time. has Alvin gone to church at all lately? hows the Cole family? hows Kevin and the cousins? oh yeah Sister Beynon said when you send packages to write on the claim religious materials, candy, and letters and only claim like 15 or 20 bucks otherwise it will cost a ton to pick up here. Could you send me a stake directory so that I can write Louis and Brandon Gust and also a ward program so I can write Isaac?
I hope you guys are doing good!!! I'm loving it here.
love you guys!!! be good and safe!!!