Thursday, June 30, 2011

Camera got stolen

Hey Yesterday my camera got jacked, someone forced their way into our house, and took my camera and a disc man that another elder left. It's a good thing that I saved all my photos on that disk, so I didn´t lose any pictures. just a memory card and my camera, and my companion doesn´t have a camera, so we have no way to take pics. My reimbursement from transfers fell through, so I´ll have to use the rest of that personal money and buy a cheap one here. Thats better than sending it by mail. It sucks, there´s always something to make my life stressful...
I´m gonna talk to the new President, tomorrow to move outta this house.

But yeah love you!!!
Sorry I always have some kinda problem going on...   :/
Love, Bradley

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Mission President

President & Sister Gonzaga

Maurício da Glória Gonzaga, 47, and Claudia Sceppa Gonzaga, three children, Centro Cívico Ward, Maringá Brazil Stake. Brother Gonzaga serves as a counselor in the Brazil Londrina Mission and is a former stake president, counselor in a stake presidency, bishop and missionary in the Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission. Partner, Colline Import & Export. Born in Santos, Brazil, to Justiniano de Freitas and Suelena da Glória Gonzaga.

Sister Gonzaga serves as a ward Relief Society president and is a former stake Relief Society president, counselor in a stake Young Women presidency, ward Primary teacher and seminary and institute teacher. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Rodames and Nair Rodrigues Sceppa.

The work was a little rough this week

Date: June 29, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Carneiro
From: Ceará, Brazil

Hey Guys,
This week was alright, we had like 5 days of holidays, São João and the São Pedro. So yeah everyone was super drunk and partying like all week. We didn´t sleep a whole lot because of the music and everyone sets off bombs all night.

The work was a little rough this week. Thaís went out of town, so we´ll teach her next week. we also found a girl yesterday that came up and spoke with me in English, she speaks well, and she said she´ll go to our English class on Sat.Yeah we teach English. I never told you that? We teach it every Saturday at the church.

Yep, we have a new Mission President, That´s crazy. I´ll meet him on Friday. We´ll have a meeting with him.

My companion is doing good. it´s definitely different being a trainer. But I like it.
oh and I found out that Itaporanga closed. (last Area)

I'm on divisions with Elder Crapo, he's from Kaysville, Utah, My district leader. he´s awesome, you´ll see his parents at the Beynon's homecoming next week. We've become friends. We just went to the bus terminal, waiting for our bus, and all the sudden we heard shots and the window breaking of a bus driving by, then the bus stopped really fast and everyone went running out. but no one got hurt it was just a robbery. sketchy tho. I thought I´d see a dead person.

Girls camp sounds like fun, next week. I´m sure Brookie will like that. That´s great that Utah has a lot of water this year and the lake is full. How was trek? did Bubba have fun?

Sad that you are selling itchy,(Brian's 1961 Buick) he was a good ol´car. But it´d be a better idea for Brian to get a little, reliable car or truck that gets good gas mileage.

That's nuts that all the fireworks are legal this year. I hope someone doesn´t do something dumb and ruin it. here the fireworks are super dangerous. it´s like setting off dynamite in the streets.

But yeah nothing new, I took zero pics this week, sorry, next week for sure.

Love ya,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

São João

Date: June 22, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Carneiro
From: Ceará, Brazil

June 21, 2011

Hey guys!
How are you guys doing? I´m doing good!

The area is okay, the work is going a little bit slow, but my new companion is cool.
There´s a girl named Thais that is probably gonna be baptized next week.

But yeah I´m doing fine. This week is a huge holiday, so it might be a little bit hard to work. It´s called São João, (Saint John) and everyone parties and for like a week straight, and everyone sets bombs off and has bonfires in the street, it seems like a pretty cool holiday.

I liked dad´s janitor costume for the young women’s activity. (We played Where's Waldo at the mall)

I hope that Brandon has a great time at trek this week. Just go with a good attitude dude!

That´s nut´s that Brakston Morgan is getting married! If you see him tell him congrats.

But yeah today there´s a ward party so that´ll be pretty cool! We should have some good food.

oh and I sent letters on Monday!!

How are my buddies doing? Is Brian still working at smiths?

Love Elder Ludlow

Sorry this computer is bieng dumb, it took forever to load these  pics, I´ll send more next week. I hope they sent.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Companion - I'm a trainer

Date: June 15, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Carneiro
From: Ceará, Brazil

Elder Carneiro

Hey Guys!!!
How´s everyone doing?

We had transfers this week and I get to train a new Missionary,  my new companion's name is Elder Carneiro. He´s from Ceará, Brazil. I'm super excited to train him he´s new and excited to work. The pressure is on to baptize and do well now. I stayed here in the ward Grageru 2.

We baptized Regina and Lorena this weekend.  I´ll send pics of the baptism and of my son (Elder Carneiro) on Monday when I email president Beynon. I´ve been taking pics. but I forgot my camera today.

It was good that I got to train, I got to go to Maceio on Monday and see Elder Thomas and the Beynons one last time.

We´re gonna work hard to mark baptisms this week. We have some great investigators and so we´ll have some great success this transfer.

I´m finally getting over my cold. I was so sick this past week!!

That´s good that the kids are all having fun. I didn´t get Ky´s letter. but I got the bishop´s. I have 7 letters to send but I have no money because I had to go to Maceió. the bus ticket was like 5o bucks and I had to pay taxi´s too. My reimbursement will come a week from tomorrow. so I´ll send them all then. 

Elder Thomas has your package. he´s in North Carolina until July sometime but he´ll call when he gets back to Herriman.

But yeah I´m doing really great!  My companion seem´s cool.
I hope everyone´s doing great. I Love you all!!!
Love Bradley

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Feeling Sick :(

Date: June 8, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Cardoso
From: Sao Paulo, Brazil

I Love this picture! Bradley loves little kids
Hey Fam!!!

I woke up today with a terrible head cold. I feel crappy.

This week was good, we´re gonna baptize 3 this week. Regina and
Lorena, the one whose husband died, and we´ll try and baptize a 10
year old kid of a less active lady that were reactivating. We´ve been having a lot of success. We had 7 investigators on Sunday. We have an investigator named Michele and her mom they´ve both been to church a bunch we´ve just been waiting for the dad to get into town. So this weekend we´ll teach the whole family and try and mark their baptism.

So my ipod is broken, it wont turn in at all. :(

That's crazy that bubba´s going into high school!!! he needs to start
saving some cash for a car. that's cool that he´s loving the long board. you can have those knee pads. they were free. and I'll never use them.

I hope that Brookies having fun a the camp! how was Brian's graduation? What are his plans now???

How´s dad´s work going??? is he staying busy? I hope so!
Today for p-day were having a zone activity were gonna watch movies and play soccer.

I´ll upload some pics. theres not a whole lot going on, just that I'm sick......

but I love you guys!!!
Elder Ludlow

Looking out of window from our house

Elder Cardoso

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tudo Bem!

Date: June 1, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Cardoso
From: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hey guys this week was really good,

We baptized a 42 year old man named Adenilson. He´s a pretty weird guy but he accepted the gospel, He´s pretty cool. We were supposed to baptize Marcelle too but she couldn’t go to church. and now she has a bunch of doubts and doesn´t really want to be baptized. but were convincing her to do it this week. she has a really strong testimony it´s just problems with the commandments.

There´s a lady in my ward that everyone in her family is a member except her, but she wants to get baptized. Well she wasn´t married just living with a guy so her and her husband got married about two weeks ago. well last week her husband got in a car crash and he died. Super sad. He died one day before the reception. so we´ve been working with her and her 8 year old daughter and we´ll baptize them a week from Saturday. I think this month we´ll have a lot of baptisms we´re working with a lot of great people.

Congrats Brian on the graduation!! I can’t believe how old we´re getting man! I can´t wait to chill with you again! Your haircut is freakin nasty man!

Hey grandma have fun at my house. I love you and I have your letter. I keep forgetting to send them!

Have fun at Oak Crest Brookie!

That sucks that your car got hit. at least you get a new bumper lol. That sucks for the girl that hit you and then split.

We´re gonna play soccer today I’m way excited I love soccer now and I’m kinda getting the hang of it.

So we´re working hard, we have plenty of people to teach, I´m eating well. So tudo bem haha (all is well)

Love you guys be good
Elder Ludlow