Monday, August 29, 2011

Pretty Good Week

Date: August 29, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Carneiro
From: Ceará, Brazil

Aug. 20 2011

Hey guys!!!
This week was pretty good, on Tuesday we had district mtg, and I gave my training, it went well, my district is really cool and we get along good. I also did a division with a kid named Elder Bieberle from Kansas, he´s cool... I did some baptismal interviews. The work is also going good. We have Michelle´s family´s baptism marked for this Saturday. Also that girl Suelen and her sister Maelli are marked for Saturday. they live in another area but it´s right on the border, so we´ve been teaching them, and I think what we´ll do is do all of the baptisms together at the stake center. We´ll baptize everyone, but the 2 girls will count as a baptism for my zone leaders. The girls are firmeza... Michelle´s family didn’t go to church, the dad gets home from work on Thursday, We´ll interview them on Friday. I just hope that they´ll feel ready. My companion is good.

That sucks Lyman crashed the ol´ S10 ... I´m really glad that he´s okay. That sucks dad fell off his ladder. I hope he feels better. Dude´s too old to be pulling stunts like that ha ha just joking pa.

That´s great that dad´s work is going good. Dang bubs a high schooler. Just work hard bud, and be a good kid.

Halloween package already? Woo hoo it seems like just a little bit ago I got my last Halloween package! Just make sure you seal up any candy, my Christmas one was kind of a mess.

I told him about my Young Women’s lesson about” Missionary responsibilities”
our principles of the gospel class was on missionary work too, it was good.

So on Thursday a Seventy will visit Sergipe. I have a mtg/ training with the zone and district leaders, the seventy, and President Gonzaga, then he´ll talk to all of us. We´ll eat lunch there and everything. I´m pretty stoked.

I feel like this is my last week in the area of Grageru 2. I´ll be sad to go it´s one of the nicest/ richest areas in the mish. I might be back in the favela.(poor)

I love you guys!
Be safe and be good!!!

Playing a board game called war

Monday, August 22, 2011

I know that this Church is true and that Jesus Christ is the Savior.

Date: August 15, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Carneiro
From: Ceará, Brazil

Hey guys,

I´m doin good, I´m safe and healthy. This week was pretty good, we´re working with Michelle´s family, and it seems to be all good for the 3rd of September. We´re just waiting for the dad to get home and they need to stop drinking coffee. But other than that, not a whole lot is going on. I did 2 divisions this week to do baptismal interviews. And that girl that found us really wants to be baptized, but her mom won´t let her. Her mom heard a lot of stuff about our church, so I don’t know what to do, she´s moving to another area too.
It's going good. My converts here are all doing well.

Tell Grandma Hall that I love her and I say hi.

Man, that is cool that the bow hunt has started. I am stoked for next year good luck dad.

I seriously don´t have much to say today. That will be good for Brian to work for Dustin, and to go to the singles ward.

 Today we´re just chillin at a member’s house and playing war. But I lost so now I´m emailing. lol.

That’s crazy that Brandon starts high school!! I hope he really likes it, Just keep your grades up.
Has Brian thought about college yet? What’s his plans?
This next week should be pretty good. We’re trying to help the ward get more excited. and to give us some references, because we practically knock doors all day, and I´m getting tired of it. lol. but we have a family night tonight so we´ll teach some new investigators.

but I love you guys!!!

I know that this Church is true and that Jesus Christ is the Savior. That I am the representative of this church in this area. I hope you guys are doing good back home!!! I love you and miss you!!

I made 15 this week!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

So this week I´ll make 15 months!!! Woo hoo!!!

Date: August 15, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Carneiro
From: Ceará, Brazil

Hey family!!!
This was a pretty good week. Michelle´s family will be baptized in the 3rd of Sept. We just have to wait for her dad to get home from Rio. Also, we found a girl (actually she came chasing after us in the street) who received the missionary lessons in Sao Paulo. Except she said she would move to another area. But she moved to a different house in our area. So we´ll pass by tomorrow to mark her baptism, and we´ll try with her sister too. So I´m hoping to baptize 5 before I leave this area.

We didn´t do capoeira, we went downtown and I bought some foakley sunglasses lol.
That’s nuts that brookie´s starting the 8th grade!!!

(Brad Sr. caught a couple of kids stealing from our side yard last week)
That´s funny that dad is freakin throwin down with the neighborhood punks. It´s weird thinking about how life is back home, windows with no bars, just plain glass, sleeping with the door unlocked, leaving stuff outside. Where I´m at, if you turn you back for 5 seconds, you were robbed. lol

That´s a bummer that Jordan is leaving, I bet Brian is sad. He should definitely take that job. Way better than bagging groceries. And he´ll make more money.

So this week I´ll make 15 months!!! Woo hoo!!!

How was it to see Lyman, I miss that dude. (he came and stayed with us this weekend)
But yeah not much more to say!!!

I’m doing good, I´m glad that you sent a package!! I´ve been really wanting some American stuff. In the next one can you send toothpaste? Did you send shorts for my friend Elder Ferreira?
Well I love you and I know that the church is true. Jesus lives and loves us.

Be safe and have fun.

With love, Elder Ludlow

Monday, August 8, 2011

District Leader

Date: August 8, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Carneiro
From: Ceará, Brazil

 Hey Guys, so p day is back to Monday. I just found out last Thursday.

This week was really good! We worked so dang hard! We walked a ton this week too. My calf muscles are way sore. So we marked the baptisms of Michelle, and her parents, Florisval and Inês, they are a really great family, the dad works in a ship so he´s not home a lot. So we´ll baptize them on the 3rd of September. They are really interested in the temple and eternal families. This will be the first baptism I have of a complete family! We have had some great experiences with them!

That guy who is a fiancee of a member is a really cool guy, he likes church, he´s been going for a while. but he smokes a lot, I have taught him and he likes the missionaries, but I don’t know how to get him to stop smoking...

Micah better turn his papers in, if he waits any longer I´ll be at home already! Next time he´s at the house make him email me, and Mckay was asking about him too.

So yeah Elder Crapo went away to Arapiraca, I got way sad, me and him get along really well and we kinda followed each other around the mission. Maybe this means I´ll go back to Arapiraca next transfer??? I´d like that lol. but a bunch of Elders got switched around. So now I´m the district leader.
               (I asked him what his resposibilities are as a district leader.)
I have to get the numbers of my district, pass them to the zone leaders, explain how everyone is doing, do baptismal interviews..

We were gonna take a free Capoeira class, it´s Brazilian martial arts. you should look it up, but we´ll just go next Monday, cause we didn´t have time.

I hope bubba has a good week at scout camp.

Mom that´s great that you had a good trip, it sounds like you saw a lot of amazing things, and felt the spirit. I wanna do a fun trip when I get home. I hope that grandma is having a good time. We´ll get home at around the same time right?

Tell Lyman hi for me! (he's coming to see us on wed.)
That reminds me, this week a member was playing modern warfare 2 and I understood what the Brazilians were saying!

Hey dad and grandpa: this week is fathers day in Brasil, so happy fathers day again!!!

How was Brookie´s and Brian´s birthdays?

That’s cool Brian is going to Elders Quorum now, I hope he likes it.

Not a whole lot else going on.
I love you guys!!! Be safe!

Elder Ludlow


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We will show our faith and do 120 Contacts

Date: August 3, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Carneiro
From: Ceará, Brazil

Hey guys!!!
This week was good!!! We only had one investigator at church, a fiancée of a member who smokes like a chimney. But we are having a pretty good week so far; yesterday we found a pretty cool family that seems interested. We´ll go back tomorrow and see if they prayed or not. Also we´ll visit Michelle’s family and mark their baptism this Friday. This week my district leader and Grande amigo Elder Crapo gave a training about faith, so this week we will show our faith and do 120 contacts. And in return, the lord will find us a baptism. It´s going to be tough, but I´m ready to do it.

Mom I hope you´re having a great week in Nauvoo. That´s cool you visited McKay; I wish someone would come visit me in Brazil lol. I bet it´s awesome to see the sites.

This and Witor are great, We´ll throw a birthday party for Witor this weekend, they are seriously the poorest family I´ve met on my mission, they are 9 months behind on their rent. I feel hecka bad for them.

So today we watched Rio. I love that movie; it explains Brazil in the perfect way. For example, when futebol is on, the world stops. also they have so much pride for their crappy music. ha ha I laughed a lot. But when I get home I want to see it in English.

Dad, I hope you´re holding down the fort with Mom being gone. How´s work? I got your letter from when you went to the Beynons homecoming. Elder Crapo made fun of your spelling lol. haha what are the boys up to did Brian sell itchy?? did you start up my bike for me?

My comp kind of understands English, but he is practicing. It´s stressful to be a trainer, all the decisions/ responsibility are on me. But we get along pretty well.

When the heck is Micah gonna go on a mission. I´m gonna be home before he leaves!

I love you guys and i know that this church is true. I know that the mish is where i need to be right now, even though it is hard sometimes. Love you be safe and be good. I’ll send pics next week...
Love, Bradley