Monday, January 30, 2012

Emergency Transfer

Date: January 30, 2012
Area: Bebedouro, Alagos
Companion: Elder Rowland
From: Sacremento, California

View from new house
Hey guys
So yeah my crown fell off last night... I went to a dentist today and they said it would be like 30 bucks to fix. He said he can just glue it back on so I´m going in tomorrow morning. Then when I get home we can go to my dentist and see what´s up.

So on Friday the zone leaders call me and told me to pack my bags, I´m getting transferred. So I only had like 4 or 5 hours to get ready, we went and said bye to Vanessa and left. Eliene and her family wasn´t there.  So I´ll go visit them one p day. But my new area called Bebedouro is super close. This area is nice... the house is really good and we have an awesome view. I´m trying to get to know it better. This area is a lot bigger than my last. So I´m training Elder Rowland.. it´s pretty cool. We live with 2 other Brazilians, Elder Gomes and Elder Prado.

President said he didn’t know who to put with Elder Rowland and that night he dreamed that it should be me! So that is cool. He´s already had to put up with a lot of crap on his mish. He´s a good kid.
(Bradley is his 3rd trainer; he’s had trouble with the last 2. We talked to Elder Rowland at Christmas; he’s a nice boy from California)

That’s sick Bubs is racing on his longboard.. He´ll have to teach me when I get home. Send some more vids!!! I hope Brian's having a ball in St. George. Is he working???

That’s sweet Brookie is learning the guitar. I hope she stays with it so she can play good! That would be awesome.

Hey Dad... put me in for whatever hunt you´re gonna do, but not rifle, I wanna go with the bow... Elk Ridge would be sick... just decide for me and let me know... I just gotta buy a new bow when I get home. And please start my bike up and take it around the block this week if you can! Love ya dad.

I´ll send some pictures of my view and the sunset!

I know this church is true; God loves us and hears our prayers. Joseph Smith restored Christ’s church and Thomas S Monson is the president of that church..

Have a great week!
Love, Elder Ludlow

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tainara's Baptism

Date: January 23, 2012
Area: Paraíso, Alagos
Companion: Elder Araujo
From: São Paulo, Brazil

Hey Fam!!!
This week was good!!! I baptized Ingrid´s sister, Tainara this week. She´s a cute little 11 year old girl. She loves church and everyone loves her there already.

It was super rainy this week with a bunch of thunder storms during the night but we found a lot of great people to teach and we had 3 investigators at church... which is awesome because if we can get someone to visit  church, they are way more likely to be baptized.

 We are planning to baptize Angelica, and Rafaela this week and maybe their mom, Lucia. The 2 girls went to church this week. The family investigated the church about a year ago but the missionaries stopped going there.
Also there was a miracle at church that a member came to visit. We marked to teach her on Wednesday. it´s crazy because nobody was visiting church... but on the week that is raining like crazy, people show up.

 Eliene wants us to teach her husband and try to get him to visit the church, and so she´s kind stopped wanting to get married until then... but he is a very closed, shy guy that is hard to teach and talk to. So I don’t know we´ll see what happens.

We also had leadership training on Tuesday with president Gonzaga for the zone and district leaders. It was good! I´ll do a division tomorrow in the zone leader’s area after my district meeting. Remember Elder chandler??? He´s my zone leader. (We met him at the Missionary mall when we were buying some things for Bradley's mission)

That´s awesome that Trevor is going to the temple... that makes me happy. I hope Brian’s doing good out of the house.

The mission is flying by! I´ve only got like 3 month left...I´m super excited but I´m also getting nervous to go home. It´ll be weird. It’s so weird being old in the mission theirs only like 10 or 15 people older than me in the mission.

But anyways, that’s about it! I´m doing really good here, I love you guys!!! I am loving my mission and learning so much!!!! I know the church is true!!!
Love Bradley

Monday, January 16, 2012


Date: January 16, 2012
Area: Paraíso, Alagos
Companion: Elder Araujo
From: São Paulo, Brazil

Hey guys!
This week was really good! I had a great birthday thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes. This week we had a lot of success, our only problem is getting people to church.... we marked with 11 people to take to church and only 1 person went. We found an awesome family this week that has already investigated the church and visited a bunch... they stopped going when the father of the family got killed. but they are all super interested. the son plays professional soccer for one of the the teams here in Maceió called CSA. they are all super cool. We´re still working with Ingrid's sister Tainara. We´re doing good here. a week from tomorrow we´re planning on marrying Eliene, that's another super cool family here. the kids are all members but she´s not married, but is way excited to get baptized.

I´ll send a picture of my birthday cake that some members made for me.
(Vanessa is a sweet lady who takes care of the missionary's we have messaged each other on face book, when I thank her for being so good to Bradley she tells me not to thank her because she loves that boy, - that just makes me so happy and grateful)

I hope Brian's loving St George. Just bumming around. i bet he´s loving it. It´s still super hot here, but I´m way more used to it than last year. but if you happen to send a package send me some gold bond lol.

 That´s crazy that it still hasn´t snowed there... maybe I´ll see snow in May!!!

I´m doing good here, my companion is super cool. We got a new missionary in the house from the Amazon, he´s got some crazy stories.

I'm still reading D&C... no  didn't get the letters from my cousins.

but that's about it!!! I love you all!!! be safe and have a great week.
 I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us.

Elder Ludlow

Monday, January 9, 2012


Date: January 9, 2012
Area: Paraíso, Alagos
Companion: Elder Araujo
From: São Paulo, Brazil

Hey guys,
So I stayed here in Paraíso with Elder Araujo. It´s still me and the three Brazilians. I´m pretty happy to stay, my comp is a cool guy and I like the members here. This week we found some good people, most of them didn't go to church. but we did take Ingrid´s sister. shé seems like a baptism. But yeah it´s crazy!!! I´ll pass 6 months in this area. but I´m whatevs. We´ve got some good investigators so it´ll be good. it´s just getting people to church that´s the problem.

Thanks for the happy birthdays! it´s crazy I´ll be 21. The time is flying by. Tonight we´ll go to Vanessa´s house to celebrate my birthday. we´ll have a family home evening.

That sucks Isaac broke both wrists. that would be terrible...

Today I got the Gubler´s package tell them thanks! It was nice to here from them.

How´s Brian doing in St. George? I hope he´s good. have him email me this week. who´s he living with??

It´s hotter than ever here in Maceió. I hate the heat. January and February are the worst. It´s super humid here too.

I hope Lym heals up quickly. thanks for the bracelets!

Next week I´ll take my companion to eat Açaí for my birthday.

But yeah guys I´m doing great, just trying to take advantage of my time here! I know that this Church is true and that Jesus Christ is our savior. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet.

Until next week!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Date: January 2, 2012
Area: Paraíso, Alagos
Companion: Elder Araujo
From: São Paulo, Brazil

Hey Guys...
I hope that everyone had a great week and a good new years!!!!
This week we had the ward party... it was cool we went to both ward parties. one of them had a mechanical bull, it was fun.

This week the other ward had a missionary get home. it was really awesome. He got home and baptized his dad on the same day, he got home at like 11: 30pm and went straight to the church and at like midnight he baptized his dad. President let us go to the baptism and I did the baptismal interview for him. The guy had been investigating the church for over 10 years, and he´s wanted to be baptized for a while now but he wanted his son to do it.

Transfers are this coming week. I feel like I´ll probably get transferred. Transfers will be on the day of my birthday.
I got my packages this week, thanks!!!! It's nice to have new shoes and socks!!! tell Lym thanks for the bracelets, a lot of people have been asking for them... I sent my Christmas cards today, so they will be late but whatever.

Our neighbors had a huge party this weekend, it went on forever and they had super loud music playing for a few days!!! it was way hard to sleep. this week was way hard to work because everyone was drinking and partying.

Have fun in St. George Brian! be good buddy!
I hope dad´s work is going good, have fun working in Nevada this week.

It was awesome to talk to everyone on Christmas... I'm glad that the Internet worked and everything!! You all look good!!! It´s crazy that my mission is almost coming to an end!!! it´s going by so fast!!!

but anyways I love you guys!!!

Be safe

Elder Ludlow