Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tudo bem

Date: April 27, 2011
Area: Itaporanga, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Lopes
From: Fortaleza, Brazil

Hey Guys!
How is everyone? I hope that you guys had a great Easter weekend! That´s cool that you guys went to Leeds, this week was just another normal one for me. We worked hard, but nobody went to church on Sunday, so all of our baptisms fell through except for one. We´re gonna try and baptize Marimar this Sunday. and we found a few new people to teach we´ll pass by there tonight.

Yeah I still haven´t gotten and letters or packages, I´ll get them on the days of transfers. I´ll email Cody once he leaves the mtc because he only has a half hour.

 I hope I go to a good area, I´m excited to skype with you guys, I hope I can find a good computer to use.
Then I´ll make my hump day after that!

That´s cool that Brooke´s doing a project on Brazil. oi - hey,  ola  - hello, obrigado - thank you,  por favor - please, tudo bem - all is well.   She could talk about the world cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. if she needs any more info just email me.

 I took a pic of a huge spider that we saw. it was literally the size of a plate. We were walking on the train tracks and we saw two of them.

Not a whole lot going on, I still haven´t gotten my debit cards so I´m pretty low on money, but my mission debit card got here last week. it´s in the mission office.

What are the kids up to? anything exciting, I hope that softball is going good for Brookie! how´s dad´s work going? does Brian have everything worked out for graduation?

How´s Kevin and the rest of the cousins?

But yeah sorry my email is kinda lame, but there´s not a whole lot of new things going on.

but I love you guys!!! I hope you have a great week and that everyone stays safe!!!

with love,
Elder Ludlow

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I hit the 11 month mark this week!

Date: April 20, 2011
Area: Itaporanga, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Lopes
From: Fortaleza, Brazil

Hey guys!!!
How are you guys all doing? I´m doing good, the work here is going alright. We´ve still got some baptisms marked for the next few weeks, hopefully they´ll work out. it´s so easy to mark baptisms but it´s freakin´ hard to get people to go to church! so we´ll see.

It´s still really hot here, but the rainy season is starting. I hope that it cools down soon. The city I'm in is way hot cause there´s no wind.

Yesterday we went to district meeting, and after I did a division with my district leader, it was pretty good. I spent p-day at a members house we made food and played some board games.
(I was online the same time as him -I asked him what games he played and what food they made) 
We played a game called war, I sucked. and we made hamburgers.

That´s rough that Brookie´s team has lost the first 2 games. I hope they do better, but it sounds like she´s doing really well. I hope she´s having fun.

I hope my package comes soon, President Beynon will come down in a week or two, so hopefully it comes then. I haven´t gotten any new documents, just a copy of my visa. No I didn´t get letters. And I really suck at sending letters. I keep writing people but I forget to send the letters.

My rash is about the same, I dunno when I´ll go to the dermatologist, they said they´d make me an appointment.

I hit the 11 month mark this week! That´s crazy it´s going by really fast. I should have just a few more weeks here in this area!!! I´m thinkin I´ll leave the area.

But yeah I´m doing good here fam!!! Not really anything going on!!! I haven´t been taking pics, but I´ll do better!

My testimony is growing stronger everyday. I know that the gospel is true and this is where I need to be.
I love you all! be safe and have fun!!!
with love ,
Elder Ludlow

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This week was good, other than losing my wallet

Date: April 13, 2011
Area: Itaporanga, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Lopes
From: Fortaleza, Brazil

Hey family!!!!

This week was good, other than losing my wallet. We worked really hard and have taught a lot of lessons. right now we have 6 baptisms marked, so hopefully they will all work out and we can baptize a whole bunch of people at the end of the month.

We also had interviews this week, it was really good. I really like interviews.

We´re trying to set up a dermatologist interview. My rash is still the same.

No I still didn´t get a letter from the young women.  I got letters from grandpa and grandma and the stake presidency.

Thanks for the email Brookie, I hope you have a good spring break and that Bubba feels better.

It´s going good with Elder Lopes, he´s gonna take an English test so I´m trying to teach him English.

That´s crazy that Brian´s graduating soon, it´ll be 2 years since I´ve graduated! that´s really weird. I hope he has everything in order to graduate.

Today for p-day we had a zone activity. We had a barbecue and played futebol and volleyball, it was fun, but I didn´t have my camera.

I found this picture on another missionary blog

Is it snowy there still? it's starting to rain here more than usual.

I hope that everyone has an awesome week.

I know that my mission is a really important time of my life for me. I know that everyone here needs to hear the gospel and that I was called to baptize them, I know the church is true, that the Book of Mormon is 100 percent true. in the name of Jesus Christ, amen...

Love you all, Bradley

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lost my Wallet

Fri. 4/8/11
Hey guys I lost my wallet today on the bus. I guess it fell outta my pocket. I'm stressin out! so I lost my drivers license and both debit cards, my church and personal one. so you'll have to cancel my personal one. lucky I didn't lose any money, but I hope no one uses the card. the secretary's will transfer my balance to my companions card so I have money. sorry I know this is a pain but if you could send me a new card. I love you all very much!!!
Oh and I met Elder Whitaker today he's in my zone, he's cool.
love you

Saturday 4/9/11
That´s good that they cancelled it. I called the Secretaries and they will move my balance to my companions card and order me a new one. They told me to use the lan house and make sure that you cancelled everything...
I lost my drivers licence, but I don´t think I need it. I also lost my Brazil i.d. I think they can get a copy of that. I´ll talk to President Beynon on Tuesday, we have interviews and I´ll get a new Temple recommend.
I´m glad that it got cancelled, its been my worst fear on the mission to leave something on the bus.
My zone leaders got robbed this week the guys held up the bus with a gun and took their phones.
But Love Ya, be safe...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Turtle Reserve by the beach

Date: April 6, 2011
Area: Itaporanga, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Lopes
From: Fortaleza, Brazil

Elder Ludlow & Elder Lopes

Hey everybody!!!,This week was alright, Elder Lopes and I worked hard and found a few people to teach, but it´s still going kinda slow. We´re working with a few different families, but they don´t seem to be that promising. We´re gonna try and mark a lot of baptisms this week. We are teaching a girl named Vivian and her family. She´s probably our best investigator.

My cold went away, and my rash almost went away but it´s back. I´m gonna have to go see a dermatologist. I´ve had it for over 3 months now...    it´s still really hot here, I think that that´s the problem with the rash.

I saw that it was snowing in Salt Lake when we watched General Conference. Conference was really good. the whole thing was in Portuguese though. I really felt the spirit when President Monson spoke. I reallly like conference and I learned a lot. We should be getting the Ensign in English and Portuguese. but they usually take a while.

I´ll send a package home with Elder Thomas. I´ve got a few things together already. This week I got a letter from Dad and a card from Grandma Hall. I wrote to all of my grandparents this week.

I´m really excited for my package. I hope it gets here safe and that they don't open it or anything.

Good luck Brookie with your softball game!!!  I hope that you do great!!!

It's not bad to speak only Portuguese, I´m trying to teach Elder Lopes English.

But yeah I´m doing good minus the rash. I´m having a hard time sleeping at night cause of it, but it´s alright I only have 4 more weeks in Itaporanga. I´ll upload some pics. a member from another ward took us to this turtle reserve by the beach.

Love you guys!!!
Elder Ludlow