Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We're Pretty Broke, Losing weight

Date: February 16, 2011
Area: Itaporanga,Sergipe
Companion: Elder Smythe
From: San Fransisco, California

Hey guys,

Well another week came and went in Itaporanga. It was alright. We´ve been working with a girl named Lú and she´s hecka cool and we´re gonna try and baptize her next week. she´s a way excited person we still are just knocking doors all day, everyday. A family is going inactive so that´s one less lunch every week. we only have two times per week. We´re pretty broke and everyone says I look a lot skinnier when they see me, even though I still have a gut. lol but it´s going good.
(They should be eating at a members home one meal a day every day, but the ward is too small)

The old guy that we´re working with needs to get married before we can baptize him he´s cool I really wanna baptize him.

We had transfers and we both stayed here. The pics look cool from the St George trip. that's cool you met a Maceio missionary. I´m sure the elders are babied in the St George mission with good food and stuff. haha

That was  nice of dad to get you a nice valentines gift! congrats on the star Bubba! just get your Eagle asap. Brian, that's funny that you asked out a girl with a girlfriend.... haha I bet that was awkward! I can just picture you. we laughed so hard at that story. you should definitely go to prom dude.

I´ll take a lot of pics this week, I haven´t really been taking a lot lately I need to do better.

We did find one other family, their hecka catholic and their baby died of dengue fever about a year ago, she had 16 months. we taught the plan of salvation and it was really powerful. the mom was crying. I dunno it was a really good lesson, but their gonna be tough to get baptized. We´ll keep passing by this week, they seem like really great people and were excited to work with them.

I dunno this area is pretty tough but I feel like theirs some people that we can work withe here.

well, I love you all be safe.

Love Bradley

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Anonymous said...

WE wanted to say how neat of you it was to show Bradley the pictures of the missionaries here.
We sure had a good time. I hope they did ,too. They sure seemed to. NICE young men. ( The left over meatloaf was better, too-cooked MORE. LOL

Your visit and Deans the week before were just sooo nice.
( as usual -loving the eggs Wish I knew how to get you some egg cartons)
much love,
Grpa and grma Ludlow.