Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I´ve realized this week that I need to be a little more out going and excited with the investigators, and it´s really been working.

Date: February 23, 2011
Area: Itaporanga,Sergipe
Companion: Elder Smythe
From: San Fransisco, California

Hey Fam!

This week has been pretty good so far, not really anything new is going on... the work is going okay, Lú didn´t go to church this week so her baptism is pushed to a week from Saturday.
To get baptized they have to go to church at least two times. We found a lot of new people last week, but none of them went to church, that catholic family fell through, we went to their house and the wife was home alone so we said we´d come back, as we were walking away we saw the husband riding towards us on his motorcycle... once he saw us, he turned around and zoomed away. so we waited and a few minutes later he came around the block the other way. so basically he ran from us. lol they were actually married civilly which is rare. but besides them, we currently have 5 baptisms marked. we found 2 sisters and one of their friends and marked their baptisms. I dunno how firm they are but pray for them alright? Joelma is 35, Dione is 19, and Jacki  is 25ish. Also Jose 68, he´s really cool, he should get married/ baptized soon.  and Lú 23 (she´s so snakey). I dunno I feel like its easier to mark baptisms than to get people to church, they always have an excuse!
That´s cool that Cody´s a missionary and is in the MTC!
 and McKay emailed me really quick he´s got a week in the field! I hope he loves it!!!

On Monday we had zone conference, it was really good and got me really excited to get out and baptize. I´ve realized this week that I need to be a little more out going and excited with the investigators, and it´s really been working. before we were both kinda shy and quiet, but we decided to try and open up alot more towards the people that we meet.

That´s cool Brian went to the REV THEORY concert. I liked those guys!

The only one of my companios that I see is Elder Thomas. he´s my zone leader. the other ones are in Maceió. Elder Thomas goes home soon, in like 2 transfers or something, then I will be 11 mos behind him.

How was baby sitting Sadie and the boys?  Man I was thinkin and she´s gonna be big by the time I get home!

Yeah it sucks that we never get lunch here, the biggest reason that I have no money is because I´ve had this rash for like 5 weeks, and me and Sister Beynon can't figure out how to get rid of it. I kept forgetting to tell you about it, so yeah I´ve spent like 50 bucks on medicines, and we have to take a lot of buses. but that's all reimbursable, my reimbursement was like 130 reals of the 200 that they give us. so the allowance will come through on Monday and the reimbursement will be on next Thursday so I'll be fine next week, but I have had to use personal money a couple of times.

Thanks for the pic of the new president. that's gonna be wierd to have that change.
He looks really young and nice.

Well, I love you guys!
Be safe and read your scriptures everyday!
I know that I´m here in this area to help someone be baptized and that I´m being blessed for the hard times here and that after we are tested we receive great blessings...
for example, who knows, maybe my future wife signed up for a gym membership when I got assigned to Itaporanga lolol ha ha. just kidding!!

Love you all

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