Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It was great to skype with Elder Ludlow on Christmas, He looks really good.
It was fun to hear him talk about the people he has grown to love and all of the neat experiences he's had.
I'm amazed at how much his testimony has grown! and he's not my shy little Bradley any more.
We had Derek and Jannette and thier cute little kids come over and see him, (He can't believe how big Sadie is getting, - She will turn 1 the same day he turns 21) Dean and Jill and their kids came over too, cute little Kevin is always asking about him, We had a few of his friends come over.
It was fun talking about him coming home and his plans for collage and stuff.
I can't believe we only have four months left.
I Hope everyone had a Great Christmas, - I did!
With Love,

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