Monday, December 5, 2011

New Companion

Date: December 5, 2011
Area: Paraíso, Alagos
Companion: Elder Araujo
From: São Paulo, Brazil
Hey guys!!!!

So, I got my new companion! Elder Araujo from São Paulo. He´s a way cool guy. He has 3 months on the mission. He has only like a year and a half in the church. He´s an awesome guy. We have been working great together and we have already had a ton of success. We are still working with Edjane, we´ll try and baptize her this week. She knows the church is true, it´s just the question of leaving her church. We also found a girl named Ingrid that went to church a bunch already and went yesterday. We marked her baptism for this week also. We are also working with Eliene, but she´s got to get married... we´re going to have a family night to make friendship with her husband. I love that family! They have 3 kids that are all members; they always ask me to baptize their mom. And also her sister Luciana. Her baptism is marked for the 17th and she has a daughter that will be baptized with her.

We´re also teaching a lady who´s son got shot this week. We went to visit her and said a prayer for her son, and we went back the next day and he had died. So we´ll go back and teach the plan of salvation.

It´s almost Christmas! Everyone is starting to buy trees here and put lights up on their houses. And it´s getting so hot.

That´s awesome that Julie and Joe are going to the temple, I wish I was there to go! I miss the temple.

My companion lost his wallet this week on the day we took out money. So he has nothing till the 15th. I´m helping him out and so are the others in the house.

Elder Becker left the house. I´m going to miss my red headed friend, and now Santána is training, so we have a new missionary in the house. His new companion is Elder Rowland, from Sacramento. He´s cool. It´s funny to remember my first transfer in the mission, I´m still district leader, it´s been like almost 6 months. But I like it.

I got a card from you guys, Grandma Hall, Kylee and the Nottingham’s. Tell them all thank you and I´ll write back this week.

I´m going to the office on Thursday to renew my visa. it’s been expired since I made a year.

That’s about it I’m doing good and I’m excited to baptize and it looks like it´ll be a great transfer.

Love you guys, I know this church is true. Have a great week!!!!

Love you!!
Elder Ludlow

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