Monday, August 23, 2010

We Baptized a little girl named Jessika

Date: Aug. 23, 2010
Area: Arapiraca, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah

Hey guys! Hows everything going?
   Are the kids liking school? what time does Bubba have to wake up and be there if he has early morning seminary?
   Tuesday we went to Maceió for zone conference. While I was there I got your letters. I also got some from Grandpa and Grandma and Grandma Janet(she was asking about a book she lent us? did you find it?), Mckay, and Kenna hubbard. It was great! I love letters.
   We baptized a little girl named Jessika on Saturday. She´s been waiting forever to be baptized. We don´t like to baptize kids without the rest of the family but she´s gone to church a bunch and her family supports her so it´s all good. We have to get permission from the President to baptize someone under 12.

Jessika  8/21/10
      We´re going to try and baptize a dude named Maurilho next week. He has a testimony and has been to church a lot so he seems pretty firm, the only problem is were helping him to quit smoking.
        I sent Isaac a short email last week, He sounds good. So Parry left? thats good. He´ll love the mission.
 Have you heard from Alvin? I think I'm gonna write him today, has he found a girl yet? lol
I hope he goes to church and gets baptized if not thats my first goal when I get back.
  We don't really have anything planned for this p-day We´ll probably go watch a movie with some kids from the ward that are about to go on missions. President lets us watch Disney movies so thats cool.. We don't really have a lot of money to spend to go somewhere ha ha cause busses and taxi´s are kinda expensive here. Next month We´ve planned to go fishing and paintballing. I'm excited!
    So how´s Brian? Tell that fool to write me! Has he been golfing a bunch? I wish I knew of a golf course here so I could go.
   I hope Beaver was good. I'm jealous I love that place. Dad has an elk and deer tag right?
Tell him good luck. I want pics when he gets the big one.Did you guys fish there?
Tell Lym and Kody Hi.     Kody should be turning in his papers soon right?
Well I love you all. Be good and be safe!
Love Bradley

I could only get one picture to download. The internet is freaking slow......... sorry

Batizador Ludlow

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