Monday, August 9, 2010

My comp and I worked really hard this week

Date: Aug. 9, 2010
Area: Arapiraca, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah

Hey fam! This week has been crazy!!! I went on a division on Tuesday till Wednesday with a Brazilian named Justino, it was fun.
 My comp and I worked really hard this week. we're teaching a few investigators and have a couple of baptisms marked. now that were getting to know the members hopefully we can get some references.
My comp and I had to teach a training on Wednesday, the language is okay people just talk way different here than in Sao Paulo or what I learned in the MTC, to be honest I have a heck of a time understanding them. lol.
There's a lady in this ward who her and her kids were just baptized, they had a tragedy in their home this week, her husband can't be baptized because he's killed someone but he's really trying, he has to go to church for 8 more months before the First Presidency can approve him. His brother killed his dad this week. sad huh? he´s had a really rough life. so we had to go over there and comfort them on Thursday.
We had a ward party on Friday it was really fun, it was definitely not how they do it in Utah. lol it was just really loud and crazy.
I guess it was fathers day in Brazil on Sunday, so dad happy fathers day again.
I had to speak in church on Sunday, that was scary. it was about the love of god. theres a talk about it by Pres. Uchtdorf that's really good you should read it,   (click here)   my comp is speaking this Sunday. I remember Dean telling me that the Elders would be teaching, conducting, and doing everything else, thats kinda how it feels.
I remember how bad I hated going to byc and stuff but now I see how easy my church life was, the wards here literally don´t function without the missionaries. uggh!!!
I wish I was hunting! Today we woke up at 4 am to go hiking. it was really cool!!! we went to a big waterfall. it was a long day though. it's 6:44 pm and we just got back,   next week we're playing bball, and were planning a fishing trip next month. I don't have time to upload pics, plus I have a million so I'll make a disk and mail it.
  Tell Kevin hi, there's lizards everywhere here and whenever I see one I think of him lol.
   Tell Pa good luck on the hunt. ha ha,  I want to go hunting so bad!!! but baptizing people will be fun too,
It's crazy how much baptism there is here. We invite people on the first lesson or on street contacts. My area is a little harder cause it's a  rich area, but we'll still baptize a bunch.
   My pants that grandma made are good. tell her good luck. 2 kids here are opening their mission calls tonight at ward family home evening.
  No I won't go to the Temple my whole mission, unless if you come get me I'll go to Recife with you guys. I'll send a package soon with a disk of pics and some reals ($) and stuff. Brazil isn't like Mexico where everything is cheap though, Its about like the US, it just depends, for example an xbox 360 is more than a grand here in U.S. dollars.
  Oh yeah tell Grandpa and My Grandmas I love them. And tell them I can't use U.S. dollars here lol, so don't send it.
Hows Micah's mission papers? tell that turd to get movin and do work!
Oh yeah do you know if my buddys I left behind in Provo have visas yet or are they reassigned?
I love you all be safe! be good!!!

Love, Bradley

P.S.  lol  I had my first Portuguese dream!
All I remember is I was asking someone if they had heard about our church... lol

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