Monday, August 30, 2010

I've been sick

Date: Aug. 30, 2010
Area: Aripiraca, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah

Hey Guys :D

      This week has been pretty good. sorry my letter was so short last week. the LAN house was really crowded and the Internet was so slow!!! Elder Thomas and I both left really frustrated lol.
    I keep forgetting to take pics of my house, it´s really nice. I guess some mission homes are pretty bad. we´ve been taking cold showers for like the last 3 weeks, that's fun... Our area is really good, it´s a lot nicer than that area I was in in Maceió for 4 days.
   We´ve been teaching a lot with the young men in the ward. there´s 4 that are about to leave on missions so we use them a lot. We had a baptism marked for Saturday but it fell... Maurilio the kid we were supposed to baptize smoked that day and he said he´s going to run away with his girlfriend soon.. he´s a punk!!! lol , He´s had a really hard life, He saw his dad kill his mom when he was little and so he ran away with his 2 brothers, he´s 15, I don't think he´ll really leave, He really wants to be baptized but he´s just gotta work some stuff out. Elder Thomas had a crazy idea to make him and his little brother stop smoking, we made tea out of cigarettes and made them both drink it, I hope it works! lol.
      Rosevan´s family is doing good, Their dad is working so that's good, he´s the one who´s dad got killed.. we talked with the bishop and the ward is going to start helping them out.
     Yeah we eat at the member´s homes everyday, the food is usually pretty good but theirs a few houses that we absolutely dread ha ha.  It´s always rice, beans, chicken, spaghetti, and beef. with coke, guarana, or juice to drink. Elder Thomas and I make a lot of pancakes too.
   We´ve been workin out hard core for the past 2 weeks.... I puked for the first time as a missionary last week, right in the middle of the road, it was terrible. I´ve already been sick a lot,  I´m used to it now lol. They say not to drink the tap water and stuff but it´s impossible not to cause the members make juice with it and stuff, ha ha don´t let Grandma Janet read that, lol.
  Tell Brookie that I´ve seen one monkey and it was in the center in Aripiraca. it was some guys pet. basically all I see is hundreds of nasty sad looking dogs lol.
   Mom please don't tell me the number of days I've been out! ha ha it makes me depressed! lol it feels like I've been gone a lot longer than 3 months.

     So Kylee did end up going to Utah state? that's good.  I wrote her a letter.
  Did you guys get my postcard from Sao Paulo that I forgot to send? I tried to send some bracelets home but they wanted 30 bucks to send one of those tiny padded envelopes so I'm just gonna send a box with more stuff. Elder Thomas said it will be like 40 bucks.
    No I haven't gotten any packages... they take a month or 2 to get here.
    Transfers are today, but I think we´ll both stay, President said We´ll stay in our areas for a long time.
I bet I stay with Elder Thomas for one more then go with a Brasilian.

I still haven´t made a disk. I´ll throw it in with the package.
How´s the Lovendahl´s house???
    How are Goober´s mission papers coming??
   For p-day we went to the center and printed off pics for some people in the area,
We took pics by this giant cross its literally like 3 stories tall.


Tell Dad good luck with the hunt!!!
I love you guys! be good...
Tell Grandma Hall and Grandma Linda Happy Birthday!!!
With Love,
Elder Ludlow



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