Monday, August 2, 2010

First Letter from Maceio

Date: 8/2/10
Area: Arapiraca, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah

Hey Fam
Hey guys. Sorry I couldn´t email. Our p day is on Monday so its been forever.
I finally made it to Maceio! Last week there was leadership trainings so Sister Beynon picked me up from the airport and we ate lunch then she took me to the church, thats where I met the President and my trainer. My dad is Elder Parley Thomas!!!  he's from Herriman, We went to high school together! ha ha crazy huh? He's way cool. his parents are mission presidents in N. Carolina. he's been out since right after school got out. So last week I went to those trainings for 3 days and after we went and worked in the grota {favela} and it was pretty crazy!!! it was really busy!!!
We stayed in a house with 4 other elders. we taught some people and on Friday my comp and I baptized. :) it was pretty exciting!!!

So now I'm in Arapiraca, it's inland of Maceio, it's a really nice, clean place compared to where we were in Maceio.
I really like it here in Brazil. I'm having a blast, we went to church yesterday and had testimony meeting then we had family night with some people in our ward. I don't really know much about my area cause its only been 2 days. but the ward seems really good and the people seem nice. its a lot harder to understand people here, they talk really wierd here,  this is kinda the hick area of Brazil I think. they don't really pronounce thier words. lol but I'll learn. our house is nice I'll send pics of it next week.
So hows life in Utah? Hows the family? I hope good. Are the kids having a good summer? Hows dads work going? Tell Brooke happy birthday! So how is the neighborhood? that sucks about Chace... how bad was it?(they had a house fire) so hows Micah and Alvin and Ky? how are Micah´s papers coming? thats crazy that Ryan left! I hope he has a good time. has Alvin gone to church at all lately? hows the Cole family? hows Kevin and the cousins? oh yeah Sister Beynon said when you send packages to write on the claim religious materials, candy, and letters and only claim like 15 or 20 bucks otherwise it will cost a ton to pick up here. Could you send me a stake directory so that I can write Louis and Brandon Gust and also a ward program so I can write Isaac?
I hope you guys are doing good!!! I'm loving it here.
love you guys!!! be good and safe!!!


Linda said...

What an excellent update!!! AND how about that companion???!!! This is just too good to be true. Now you can contact His companions mom again!!!!We are just open-mouthed with astonishment. Our family is truly being blessed by all this good news. If miracles happen 'cause you believe, we must be believers!!! Nice to have all these testimony boosters, right and left.
Bradley sounds so happy. This is wonderful. I'll read this to great grandma and grandpa Bang :-) , too. Aww he remembered Brooke's birthay.
Just amazed still about his companion.
Dad/Mark and Grandma Linda

Linda said...

This, Jeanette and our men have work.