Monday, September 20, 2010

Evan Fixes the water well

Date: Sept. 20, 2010
Area: Arapiraca, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah

Hey family!!! How´s it going? I hope good!!
   Dad that´s an awesome hunting story. That sucks that you didn´t find him. but I'm glad you had a good time. I really really want to go hunting. You should send me a calendar with some big bucks and bulls to hang in my study room, You need to get some good spots to hunt so that I can take a monster when I get back.

    I´ll make 4 months soon, To be totally honest it feels like I´ve been gone way longer than that, but 1/6 of my mission is already passed that's nuts!!!! its going fast but slow... hard to explain.

    This week was good. I don't really have a lot to write, We had to get a couple married on Wednesday their names are Bruna and Geovan   

Bruna and Geovan wedding

We had to pay so we´re basically poor for the month. tudo para batizar!!! I might need to take out some money btw, but yeah we re-activated the husband and baptized his wife on Saturday... it was the funniest / craziest day ever... So the church was faulting agua (water) and we were trying to get the pump working to pump in water from the well, but the only person who knows how to work it is this crazy old man named Evan. , I´ll describe Evan later... We´re trying to get a hold of him but he´s out of town so us and the Elders Quorum President are there trying to figure out what is wrong with the pump, it turns out that someone broke off the lock and tried to rob it, but all they did was break it, then Evan shows up with his wild, untamed hair, camo shirt that says "youth in zion" and his baggy denim shorts. He starts yelling at us and calling us names and stuff, and gets down there and rigs the wires all up with masking tape and we think it´s fixed. so we wait about an hour and a half for the well to fill up but it´s still not pumping water into the church... this is where it gets hilarious... Evan realizes that one pipe still isn´t connected., and its somewhere in the fifteen feet of water in the depths of the well, so he grabs this old wooden ladder and puts it into the well, then he takes off his shirt...... then he starts to loosen his belt...... the next thing I know he´s standing there in nothing but his tight, mesh g´s!! in broad daylight. So he climbs down into the well and is outta sight we hear nothing for a few seconds then we hear him come up gurgling and gasping for air. we see him... he has a pipe in his hand and a wire in his teeth, so he comes up, drenched, looking like a drowned rat, and tells us that he got shocked!!! I was laughing SO hard.... I wish you guys could have been there, so he rigged it all up and got it running. But we only had one hour till the baptism so we had to fill the font with buckets. We got all of the young men to help, it was funny but we got it done, the water was filthy but we got to baptize!!! So that's my cool baptism story... pretty cool lol.... we have a few baptisms marked but only one is firmesa. It´ll be in between sessions at conference.

broken water well

Filling the baptismal font

Bruna's Baptism


Today for p-day we just cleaned up the house a bit, played a game of 1 on 1 on the nerf hoop and I lost so now I owe Thomas some flip flops. Then we went and developed pics in the center.

    We´re working really hard but We aren´t really finding firm people, if people don´t keep commitments, we drop them and nobody likes to go to church so yeah... but we will get a lot of references from members this week and those usually turn out good, so We´ll try and mark a lot this week.

    Elder Thomas is a good comp. its cool to have a companion from the 801 but it sucks We´ll probably get separated this transfer, so just 3 weeks till I´m with a Brazzie and speakin nothing but Portuguese!
I did a few divisions this week, taught a lot, not much more to say. ha ha

    Mom, I´m feeling better. I´m healthy and strong and getting fat so don´t worry. I´m Safe! I was just sick for a week. I'll send you a pic of my throw up, ha,ha!

Sick boy - So happy that he's feeling better!

I´m way happy for Elder Hooke!
(He finally got his visa and is heading to Brazil on Wed.)

Ky sounds good.. ha ha i´m NOT surprised about the jeep thing lol typical Kylee. .

    I'll make a video tour of my house for you guys and send it on a disk how´s that? I just don´t have a ton of time to get this package together... But I'm workin in it :)

     You guys should send me some hunting mags... I´m feelin depressed without those memorable trips with dad. lol
Did you send a package? if not slap a pic of mother mary on it and it's more safe...
        The old guy I'm standing with is Evan... he´s a crazy guy

Evan, the man who fixed the well for the baptism

Next week send me some pics with the email.
I love you all!
It's fun here. and I´m doing great here. Just working a lot and eating even more. I´m working out a lot trying to get big and strong!!! but all the crap these people feed me are making it hard lol.

This picture was taken today

Well I love you guys!
I´m still working on your package.
Love ya!!!
Elder Ludlow

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