Monday, September 13, 2010


Date: Sept. 13. 2010
Area: Arapiraca
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah
Hey guys,
It was nice to get emails from everyone, sounds like everyone is doing good.  I hope all of my buddies will get out on the mission asap, it sounds like a lot of people will be going soon. Do you know if Ryan is in the field yet? if so I'm going to email him.

Brian´s looking good rockin the mullet! ha ha.

 I'm working on getting a package together to send home to you guys with a disk and some other little stuff. its just hecka expensive.

This week was another crappyish one. Elder Thomas and I are working SO hard... but we´re not getting anywhere with any investigators, we had nobody at church yesterday, we´re teaching people, marking people´s baptisms but everything is falling. We still have 1 marked for next week. We´re getting them married on Wed. and baptising the wife next week. This week we worked really hard, taught a bunch of lessons.

Right now I'm on a division with some Elders in another area. Elder Thomas is in Maceio because he has a meeting tomorrow, so I stayed here last night and I´ll sleep in this area tonight then tomorrow morning I´ll go back to my area and do a division with a kid from my ward.

How´s the hunt going? when I was in Macieo at the start of my mission I stayed with an Elder from Randolph, he´s sick,  he showed me some pics of some huge elk and antelope from that area. Good luck pa you´re lookin fresh with your beard. send me some

Today we´re just hangin out in the center of Aripiraca, We´ll go fishing later in the transfer.  I´ll write letters today and try and get them sent. I got your packages and some letters, that is what I call pure joy. ha ha the two sources of happiness on the mission: agua aka baptisms and letters.

I started the Book of Mormon in Portuguese this week. I´m gonna try and have it read before Christmas. I´m just really slow in Portuguese, the language is coming good though.

I hope you like the pics, there´s one of a monkey I saw at a members house when we were eating lunch, me pulling water at a well to help a lady with dishes, and some other ones.


So Matt´s getting married eh? that's good, tell him to send me an announcement. I´ll have to write that kid.

I´m doing good here in Brasil, Elder Thomas is a great guy and we´re having a blast... eating pancakes and playing nerf basketball every night, he gave me a tattoo of my street name, Caico, last week. I´ll send a pic. tell Brian Brazil has so many perfect skate spots. and in my area there´s a HUGE half pipe. I´ll take a pic.

Caico = Ice cream, my nickname

Well family... I love you all, be safe and have fun!
Elder Ludlow


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