Monday, September 27, 2010

We are still taking cold showers and we think our attic is infested with rats, and our electricity is messed up.

Date: Sept. 27, 2010
Area: Arapiraca, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah

Hey family!!!! How are you??? This week was good. I´ve been doing a lot of divisions because Elder Thomas Is District Leader. So yeah that was cool.

So Julie and Joe are getting baptized!!! Joga na agua!!! Batiza PÔ!!! That’s cool!!! I never realized how important baptism is until the mish. It’s so crazy how many scriptures and stuff there is about baptism. That’s really good.... they’ll both have such a fresh start!!!

   We’ll baptize a 23 year old guy named Refeal on Saturday... Which is good cuz we’re really trying to find men, we have to focus on men over 18 cuz their hard to baptize He’s already thinking about a mission. He’s firmey.

But yeah not a lot happened this week... we played basketball today for p-day. It was way fun I bought some sweet cow skin sandals with fur and stuff. Their hecka ugly but their sick!!! they were cheap too.
 But other than that we´re just teaching and chillin´

Hecka Ugly shoes

We are marking a ton of baptisms but people keep falling, nobody will wake up and go to church.

I´m praying for President Mickelson... I got a letter from the stake presidency, it was nice. I hope he starts doing better what kind of cancer does he have?

I wrote grandma this week... Tell her thanks for everything! I’ll write my other grandparents this week. but yeah I don´t know about grandma´s book... I don´t think we have it.

When I get your package I´ll try and download your pics and letters, if not I´ll load the pics onto my sd card and develop them. I hope that jerky stays good... I´m excited.  I don´t need cd´s anymore. I got a bunch of music from an Elder in my district so I´m all good.

How´s school going??? Thats good brians working a lot,  Is he going on dates with anyone? Tell him to take advantage of it before the mish... lol Na zinca! Thats awesome alec got homecoming king. I bet he was SO happy:)

Did dad enjoy the concert? Did he feel young again or old and worn out? ( Brad and Lane went to KISS last week)

Well I don´t have any cool or interesting stories this week, so sorry if this week kinda sucks.

We´re just making pancakes, playing nerf ball, studying, baptizing the people of brazil, dodging snakeys(Girls) making pizza (the pizza here has no sauce) and thats about it. We are still taking cold showers and we think our attic is infested with rats, and our electricity is messed up. maybe evan can fix it? :D

All of the cool kids are leaving on missions so the ward is gonna suck after this week, these kids are so funny! the English that they´ve picked up from the Elders is so funny and random!!
Is ryan in the field yet?

Oh yeah so Friday we´re going to the assembly of God, a church that hates us, we made a deal that if a guy goes to our church, we´d go to his, so yeah thats gonna be quite the experience. I really can´t stand this church. it´s a joke we can hear them yelling stuff about us. a lot of the churches here are just straight up apostasia. so we´ll definately get some stink eyes there, but I hope everyone is doing good. I´m surving here. my stomach is better. I hope it stays that way.

One of these weeks we´re going fishing.  I´m stoked. We´ll use bamboo poles and everything, its just far away.

So yeah keep sending pics and stuff, it keeps me going...
Love you guys! Be safe!!!

Elder Ludlow

I found some pictures on a Sister Missionary's blog. They were at a district meeting.

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