Monday, September 6, 2010

joga na agua!

Date: Sept. 6, 2010
Area: Arapiraca, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah

Hey guys!!! how is it???? I'm still here with Elder Thomas in Brasilia... I´m really glad, my next companion will for sure be Brasilian so I'm glad to be able to speak English for a few more weeks.
    I hope you guys got a deer or elk.... man I wish I was there with you guys.
    Send pics of the mullet!!! that's sick!!!! next week upload a bunch of pics with your email.
This week was kind of rough. ha ha we worked so hard, and everyone is falling!!! We´re having to drop a lot of people and its pretty frustrating... I just wanna get in the agua!!!!!! people just aren´t keeping the commitments.
   Today for p-day we went to another area and had a picnic, it was pretty fun, either next week or the week after We´re going fishing. I´m pretty stoked for that, and this month were gonna go to that big Christ statue.
I really like p-day, it´s nice to take a break and let my mind stop worrying about all of our investigators. we probably wont baptize again until the 18th.
   I still haven´t gotten your packages, it probably wont be for a while... that's the problem with being in an interior and not in Maceio, we never get letters and stuff.... (President Beynon has to deliver them)
   I'm trying to think of any cool stories or anything that happened this week... on Thursday, my comp had to go do a baptismal interview cause he´s D.L. and we left at like 9:30... on the way home we got lost and we finally asked this guy and he said we walked 2 kilometers too far... then we had to walk forever down this dark, sketchy road and my shoes and pants got hecka muddy. We didn´t end up getting home till 11:15. we walked like 5 or 6 miles instead of 2. so that sucked ha ha
  If you send a package tell dad to make jerky.
   How's school going? hows Josh Pugh? Is he still crazy or is he hecka different?
I emailed Isaac a while ago, he knew my comp too back in high school, I guess they had a class together.
    So about Brasil, people are crazy here, all of the old guys sit around and drink, playing dominoes lol.
Every Saturday night is party night, which means that you blast music and chill in your porch and drink.
The girls are really snakey, as soon as they see two huge white kids they start yelling dirty things at us. I´m a prime target cause I have blonde hair. I get called gallego(spelling) all the time. or they call me German. I had a girl ask me to teach her the language of English this week.... the only thing is I didn´t know that the word for language and tongue are the same in Portuguese. I was wondering why she was laughing... lol. but its all good. it makes it easier to baptize!!!! lol.
So Brasil.... I explained the food last week, the churros here are way better than the Mexican style back home, also they have these things called coxinhas that my comp is addicted to. I'm trying to eat more fruit and stuff, most fruit is so good and cheap here. but the oranges suck here.
   Nobody here can say my name... they call me Loody Low or random things like that, the rapazes in the ward call me Caico, which is this ice cream here, lol dont ask me why?
   I went on a division with a Brasilian named E. Morais this week, that was fun.
My Portuguese is coming along decent. I can understand most everything depending on if the person talking has teeth or not, there´s this dude in the ward I swear he speaks Arabic or some other weird language cause I can't understand a word he says.
   were working with a family that were feeling really good about, hopefully We´ll mark their baptism this week, I have a goal to baptize a family that will go to the temple.
   When is Micah gonna leave? I think Seth and McKay are going in October, hopefully they can go together. Also Cody should be leaving soon shouldn´t he? I hope that kid comes to Brasil! that´d be sick!
   Tell Bri I want mullet pix next week, He needs to add some steps on the side or carve in a design! lol (mom is saying "don't encourage him!" I can see it now) :)
   Well I really don't have much more to say... everything is the same here... still making a ton of pancakes ha ha
   Well I love you all! Be safe and have fun!
Tell Dad good luck

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