Monday, January 31, 2011

Another week came and went here in Itaporanga, And it was rough.

Date: Jan. 31, 2011
Area: Itaporanga,Sergipe
Companion: Elder Smythe
From: San Fransisco, California

Hey Family!

Another week came and went here in Itaporanga, And it was rough. We don´t really have any good investigators, so we knocked doors all day, every day this week. We had almost no success. we did find one family and marked their baptism, but when we went the next day back they said that they didn´t want anything to do with us. and the people that said they'd go to church lied lol so yeah we´re getting a little discouraged, but we´ll hopefully be blessed this week. and this week people kept yelling stuff at us and trying to bible bash and stuff. it was kinda dumb but whatever.

We had 16 people total at church this week, and we taught both classes. the district president was there this week. but it was a pretty good Sunday.

We didn´t really do anything for p-day today, Elder Smythe and I just bought groceries, and chilled at home. were gonna make some chocolate chip cookies later tonight. there´s not a whole lot to do in this little town.

So McKay is a missionary! that's cool. I´ll email him once he leaves the MTC.  just get his address and tell me next week.

I´ve got a package to send, but I´m gonna have to wait till I'm in Aracaju to send it. but we might go there next p-day. I got a disk, some Brazilian money, and some bracelets for the kids. I´ll send it asap.

That's a bummer that Brookie's been sick, I hope she feels better!

So I´m trying again to read the Book of Mormon in Portuguese, I gave up last time lol  because it was too hard. but I´m reading a chapter per day. I´m understanding it a lot better this time. I can read and understand everything but the scriptures are hard sometimes. I´m learning a lot about the scriptures and I´m realizing how much I took them for granted before.

But yeah I´m doing okay here, how are the kids? are they doing anything cool or exciting? Tell Cody good luck in Russia freezing to death!  I´m getting enough sun for the both of us. haha

Have you talked to Elder Smythes Mom online again?

Well, not much else really going on. say hi to the family and the buddies for me! Is Brian still hanging out with Brad and Jordan a lot? Has he gone snowboarding a lot with his new board? He´s about to graduate! Has he taken the ACT test? He should as soon as he can. What else is going on back home?
Love you guys. Be safe!

p.s. I literally think I'm using dial up. SO SLOW!!!!

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