Monday, January 17, 2011

A mango almost landed on my head

Date: Jan. 17, 2011
Area: Itaporanga,Sergipe
Companion: Elder Smythe
From: San Fransisco, California


That's really cool that Janette had her baby. I´m glad everything went well, and that's cool that we share the same birthday. the pics look really cute.

Thank grandma Hall for the money! That should really come in handy since we only have lunch with like 2 times a week in this area, and we have to take a bus to lunch every time.

Church was better this week, we went from 8 members to about 20. I taught Gospel Principles and Elder Smythe and I both spoke in Sacrament I feel like my talk went pretty good. I gave it on service to others. And we found out that were gonna have to start teaching Quorum.  It's kinda rough, there´s only 3 men in the branch, so we really need to baptize some leaders. The Branch President doesn't have counselors, so we kinda take over that role.

     But my companion is really cool, and he´s a great missionary. I´m really learning a lot from him. I like the way he teaches. We both got packages today so we´ll be feasting for the next little while. Thanks  for the Christmas package! Thanks  Brookie for the Christmas tree, we´ll set it up tonight even though its a little late. It is great to get a package!!! loved all of the little christmas toys and candy and stuff. and I really loved the calendar. Thanks so much I really do appreciate it!

January 17, 2011
      I´m glad koda´s okay... maybe she´ll learn her lesson and stop running away now. but who knows. I hope she heals up okay and everything is good with her. (Bradley's Husky ran into the road and got hit by a car)

     That's crazy that its so freezing there, I can't wait till it's winter here again, but then it´ll rain everyday. some parts of Brazil are flooding way bad right now. its all over the news here. Have you guys heard anything there? I guess a bunch of people have died and houses are being destroyed.

I'm trying to think of something cool that happened this week... we are teaching a pastor, and he is really tough. He doesn't believe in free agency or in works, its sad to see how confused people are.
We went mango hunting with this family after lunch one day, a mango almost landed on my head and my companion screamed lol.  It was cool this kid just climbed into the trees like a monkey. But I didn´t have my camera... an Elder got robbed last week so I´ve been kinda sketched to take it everywhere. He was coming home from the bank and lost like all the money he had.

Tell McKay good luck, he´ll love it.

Have a great week. Everyone is in my prayers. Be safe!
Elder Ludlow


Anonymous said...

We love this letter. He sounds so good. He's doing a man-size job there, on sundays, teaching and being a "counselor" . Only 3 men. gee. That's how it was in southern France. one sunday in 69, I went to church with the student I chaperoned and there were only the missionaries and us and one other member. The Missionaries did it all!! Thank you Jodi. This is great. good pictures lately, too. Another american companion. Sounds good. They can really communicate when Portuguese gets in the way of REALLY talking about some mission things and relationships. But being so immersed in the lingo, I'm wondering how much he speaks in english. I'll ask him. He can tell us through YOU :-) !! what a good grandson. We love him.
Love, Dad and Linda

Linda said...

We didn't notice the laundry on the line until another reading of this one. LOL
G and G Ludlowxoxoxoxoxoxx