Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I´m doing good don´t worry about me

Date: March 9, 2011
Area: Itaporanga,Sergipe
Companion: Elder Smythe
From: San Fransisco, California
Hey family!

     How´s everything going? This week was pretty good. I thought that like nobody would go to church because of carnival, but we had 5 investigators at church, that was definitely a miracle. But we won´t be able to teach them till tomorrow and they live really far away on a ranch. We´re gonna have to take a bus then walk like an hour, an inactive member just decided to go to church and brought a bunch of neighbors and stuff.

     But so far this week the city is literally A ghost town, everything is closed and theirs no one in sight, everyone went to the beach, so we´ve been trying to work but we have just been kinda chillin. We went down by the river on Monday and hung out at our thinking spot. (where we go when the going gets tough. ha ha.) we tried to go hunting for birds with a slingshot, it was pretty funny.

     But yeah not a whole lot to say, I´m doing okay. This week was better than the last few. It sounds that the family is all doing good, that's crazy that theres snow still, its so hot in my area cause there's no wind here. I can´t wait till it starts to get to be bearable again...

     But yeah I´m outta things to say, just a pretty normal week, we don't really have any super great investigators, they all fell through. We´ll work hard this week now that carnival is over.

     Love you all very much, I´m doing good don´t worry about me, I know that even though things get hard, the Lord blesses me in so many ways, and I'm very grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission, I´m learning and growing so much and having a good time.!!!
Much love

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Anonymous said...

Sweet letter. Short and interesting.
He is a good missionary. What an attitude.!!
love ,
Dad and Linda