Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This will be the last week of this transfer

Date: March 16, 2011
Area: Itaporanga,Sergipe
Companion: Elder Smythe
From: San Fransisco, California

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 Hey guys, how is everyone?
    This week was pretty good. We are working hard and we had 8 investigators at church on Sunday. We are gonna try and baptize a 17 year old girl on Saturday, she is definitely an elect... we´re not 100 percent for this Saturday, but she wants to be baptized. she just doesn´t really know when. Tomorrow we´ll try and get her excited and ready for this weekend. she´s living all the commandments, and has really no problems, and she´s talking about serving a mission already. So we´ll  just try and get her excited.
And ther´es a less active family that has been coming to church, they gotta get married, then we can baptize the wife and 3 kids, so if I do stay here at least finally we´ll have some decent people to work with. It kinda sucks that all of our success happened on the last week of the transfer.But as of now we have that family of 4, and also that José that really wanna get baptized but they need to get married. if I stay I might have to pay for part of the weddings, but we´re trying to find a free wedding they have them every once in a while.It sucks cuz almost nobody is civilly married here they just live together.

     But were almost positive that Elder Smythe will go, but the branch president hinted that we both will leave. But I dunno I´m not gonna get my hopes up I´m just preparing to stay in Itaparanga for  ROUND 3!!! But it´s a little better now cuz we actually have people that aren´t lazy and for sure we´ll baptize next transfer. I´ll probably be with a Brazilian. but yeah I´m chill with whatever happens.
My rash is a lot better, the pills are working and it´s a lot smaller.

That's cool Bri is playing the guitar. Elder Smythe has one and I´ve been practicing a little, it´s like impossible to learn during the mission though. I don´t really have time, but I really wanna learn.

That's cool that the kids are staying busy. Brooke is doing softball, and bubba´s lifting weights. I need to work out more, I have a fat gut. but I´ve lost a lot of weight in this area and my stomach is a lot smaller. when I eat I feel full way fast.

Yeah I saw the Japan earthquake, that's good the missionaries are safe.

I´m way excited for the package!!! I´m really needing one.

I'll send pics.

Love, b rad

eu amo voces!!!
(I Love You Guys!!!)





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