Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

We got to Skype with Bradley for Mothers day. That's the best Mothers Day gift I could ever ask for. He's doing really good. He looked strong and healthy. It was awesome to hear him speak in Portuguese. We love hearing all of the stories and having him tell them to us, (Much better then email) I miss his voice and personality soooo much! It's fun to hear His laugh and expressions. He has an accent and it's so cute! We got to ask lots of questions and he told some great stories. I Love and miss him so much!! But I couldn't be prouder of him and I know that he is where he's supposed to be.

Bradley was using a member of his wards computer to talk to us. When we got done talking to Bradley he thought he had turned off the skype, but he didn't, we watched him walk into the other room and we could hear them talking (could not understand them) We didn't turn our skype off we just sat there for a few minutes and waited, then a guy came and sat down in front of the computer and put on the head set, when he looked up we were all sitting there smiling at him, he about fell off of his chair because it scared him. We all started laughing and then he satrted laughing. Brad tried to Thank him for letting Elder Ludlow use the computer, The poor guy didn't understand a word. He said "Ludlow" then he said "My English is" -- then he did a thumbs down sign.  So I waved and said goodbye and then he waved and said "bye".  We almost gave the poor guy a heart attack. But it was SO funny!