Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The best family I’ve found on my mission

Date: July 13, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe

Companion: Elder Carneiro

From: Ceará, Brazil

Hey Fam!
How´s girl’s camp? Man I freakin miss Bear Lake. We're gonna have to have a party there when I get home. The lake looks really nice with the water so high.  I hope you guys are all havin a blast.

I hope the boys are having a good time in Saint George.

It sounds like the Beynons homecoming was really good, they were great to have as president. We have interviews next week with the new President. They seem a lot more strict... they cut soccer I don’t know if I said that already. I don’t know if the Brazilians will handle that.

Sooo... about the work, did I already tell you about Michelle?, well were teaching her parents and her dad went to church, they all love it and got answers when they prayed. They are great investigators, the best family I’ve found on my mish. I still haven´t baptized a family so I’m stoked!!! They´re already talking about the temple. The only problem is that the dad travels a bunch and won’t be able to go to church until the end of the month, so we didn´t mark a baptismal date. Tomorrow I’ll teach Thais, that girl that´s been going to church, and I swear I’m not leaving till her baptisms marked. haha! 

It´s pressure to have a son lol... my comp´s so quiet, but I like him.

So yeah I’m pretty happy right now, I’m hoping to stay in this area, it´s a great area just hard to work ya know...

The pics are from this really cool family in Elder Crapo’s area. We ate there, the family is really cool!

But I met a Utahn this week he´s here surfing, his wife´s a Brasiliera. He went on a mish to Chicago, I don’t know if he´s active and his wife moved from Sergipe to Utah 15 years ago... she must be a member but I don’t know. We got their address we might pass by, they´ll be here till August, but yeah hecka weird he called to us at the market after English class...

English is going good, I’m definitely not cut out to be a teacher though. sometimes I speak Portuguese better than English, I’ve forgotten a lot of words, I just talk slang as you can

But I love the people, the culture, the language... the kids in the streets playing soccer and talking to us. and especially when people accept our message there´s nothing more fulfilling

But yeah I´m doing good, I´ve got less than ten months to go, I´m trying to take advantage of every day...
 I love you guys. be safe. The church is true.
Love Bradley

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