Monday, August 22, 2011

I know that this Church is true and that Jesus Christ is the Savior.

Date: August 15, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Carneiro
From: Ceará, Brazil

Hey guys,

I´m doin good, I´m safe and healthy. This week was pretty good, we´re working with Michelle´s family, and it seems to be all good for the 3rd of September. We´re just waiting for the dad to get home and they need to stop drinking coffee. But other than that, not a whole lot is going on. I did 2 divisions this week to do baptismal interviews. And that girl that found us really wants to be baptized, but her mom won´t let her. Her mom heard a lot of stuff about our church, so I don’t know what to do, she´s moving to another area too.
It's going good. My converts here are all doing well.

Tell Grandma Hall that I love her and I say hi.

Man, that is cool that the bow hunt has started. I am stoked for next year good luck dad.

I seriously don´t have much to say today. That will be good for Brian to work for Dustin, and to go to the singles ward.

 Today we´re just chillin at a member’s house and playing war. But I lost so now I´m emailing. lol.

That’s crazy that Brandon starts high school!! I hope he really likes it, Just keep your grades up.
Has Brian thought about college yet? What’s his plans?
This next week should be pretty good. We’re trying to help the ward get more excited. and to give us some references, because we practically knock doors all day, and I´m getting tired of it. lol. but we have a family night tonight so we´ll teach some new investigators.

but I love you guys!!!

I know that this Church is true and that Jesus Christ is the Savior. That I am the representative of this church in this area. I hope you guys are doing good back home!!! I love you and miss you!!

I made 15 this week!!

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