Monday, August 29, 2011

Pretty Good Week

Date: August 29, 2011
Area: Grageru 2, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Carneiro
From: Ceará, Brazil

Aug. 20 2011

Hey guys!!!
This week was pretty good, on Tuesday we had district mtg, and I gave my training, it went well, my district is really cool and we get along good. I also did a division with a kid named Elder Bieberle from Kansas, he´s cool... I did some baptismal interviews. The work is also going good. We have Michelle´s family´s baptism marked for this Saturday. Also that girl Suelen and her sister Maelli are marked for Saturday. they live in another area but it´s right on the border, so we´ve been teaching them, and I think what we´ll do is do all of the baptisms together at the stake center. We´ll baptize everyone, but the 2 girls will count as a baptism for my zone leaders. The girls are firmeza... Michelle´s family didn’t go to church, the dad gets home from work on Thursday, We´ll interview them on Friday. I just hope that they´ll feel ready. My companion is good.

That sucks Lyman crashed the ol´ S10 ... I´m really glad that he´s okay. That sucks dad fell off his ladder. I hope he feels better. Dude´s too old to be pulling stunts like that ha ha just joking pa.

That´s great that dad´s work is going good. Dang bubs a high schooler. Just work hard bud, and be a good kid.

Halloween package already? Woo hoo it seems like just a little bit ago I got my last Halloween package! Just make sure you seal up any candy, my Christmas one was kind of a mess.

I told him about my Young Women’s lesson about” Missionary responsibilities”
our principles of the gospel class was on missionary work too, it was good.

So on Thursday a Seventy will visit Sergipe. I have a mtg/ training with the zone and district leaders, the seventy, and President Gonzaga, then he´ll talk to all of us. We´ll eat lunch there and everything. I´m pretty stoked.

I feel like this is my last week in the area of Grageru 2. I´ll be sad to go it´s one of the nicest/ richest areas in the mish. I might be back in the favela.(poor)

I love you guys!
Be safe and be good!!!

Playing a board game called war

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