Monday, September 26, 2011

Yesterday I got way sick

Date: September 26, 2011
Area: Paraíso, Alagos
Companion: Elder Soares
From: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Elder Soares and Elder Ludlow

Hey guys!

This week was pretty good. we´re working hard. we had people at church yesterday, we´ll try and baptize them all this week between conference sessions. there´s Junior, Jackson, and Daniel they are all the age to be in the young mens.

Yesterday I got way sick. I went to church, and after lunch was at home, so I tried to eat but felt too crappy. so i just went to bed. i spent the whole day throwing up... it sucks getting sick on the mission. i dunno what it was that i ate. today i feel a little better, just super tired and weak. i dunno what we´re gonna do today for pday, we´re thinking about going bowling again.

I got my package :)  but i liked all the stuff that you sent me.. Tell Lym thanks for the bracelets, they are way cool. just a bummer I couldn't read some of the the letters (they got wet) .... i made some cookies this week! they were so good... they don't have good, soft cookies here.

That's awesome that dad bought a truck, send me a pic. good that he sold the Toyota.  has Brian sold itchy yet? what´s he driving to work and stuff? (Itchy is Brian's 1961 Buick)

I hope Brian had a good time at the 10 years concert, that's good that he´s thinking about college... i´m super stoked to start school!

I´m way excited for general conference this week, i just hope they have it in English, i understand everything way easy in Portuguese, it just sucks with a different voice, it drives me crazy.

I'm feeling pretty crappy, I haven't eaten practically anything since Saturday night.

I hope that work is going good for dad, and that the kids are keeping their grades up.

We had interviews this week with President Gonzaga, it was really cool, we talked about how i´m on the final sprint of my mission and how i have to give it everything i´ve got.
It´s weird how i´m like one of the older missionaries, all of my friends are starting to go home... and theirs a ton of people that i don't know because i spent so much time in Sergipe.

This week, these huge spiders started showing up in our house, so a guy came and sprayed these banana trees behind our house, and they were full of spiders, and cockroaches and stuff. so were gonna cut the trees down, he also sprayed all of the weeds around our house.

but yeah not a whole lot else going on.... i hope everyone has a great week and enjoys conference.

with love

oh, i forgot... we had a barbecue at our house this week too, i sent a pic. also, Elder Becker sleeping on the wood. the other elders in our district slept at our house, so we had all 6 of us on the 4 mattresses. Elder Faria kept rolling onto Elder Becker so he went and slept in his bed with no mattress... lolol

Elder Becker

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