Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Date: November 21, 2011
Area: Paraíso, Alagos
Companion: Elder Devitry
From: Smithfield, Utah

Hey guys!

Nothing new this week, I got super sick this week, I had a fever of 101so I spent like 3 days in my bed, I couldn't even get up. I´m feeling a lot better now. Still kinda weak and my back and legs are sore. I dunno what it is that I got.
Edjane was progressing really well, but then she just stopped, and she didn´t go to church on Sunday, I don't know what happened to her. I didnt teach her, I was on a division doing a baptismal interview, but we´ll go back and see what we can do.

We are also teaching a few other people but they all need to be married. there´s a lady named eliene she wants to get baptized a lot but she´s gotta get married.

This week is Thanksgiving!! I don't know what we´re gonna do, nobody in the house has money. but we´ll probably get a little dinner together.

I bought some boots. they seem pretty good. they were like 50 reais, they will probably last me the rest of my mission.

It´s full out summer here... I can´t take the heat!!!

I got that halloween package. thanks for the candy and letters.

I might need some more money if I get transferred next week, our lunch falls a lot in this area and so I´ve had to spend a lot of money on food here... I´ll find out this Saturday about transfers.

I´m glad its snowing there, I hope its still snowing in May when I get home too.

Thats about it, I love you guys and I know this church is true, The Book of Mormon is true, and that Jesus Christ is our Savior, that God has a plan for us.

Have a great week and be safe
Elder Ludlow

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