Monday, November 7, 2011

Lazy Bums

Date: November 7, 2011
Area: Paraíso, Alagos
Companion: Elder Devitry
From: Smithfield, Utah

Hey guys!! How was everyone?

This week was pretty good, just a normal week. It rained like all week... it was nice because it wasn´t so hot but my shoes are full of holes so my feet were wet like all week... I hope you guys sent my new shoes, I don’t know how much longer I can stand these ones... but today it´s super-hot again and sunny.

So yeah all of our investigators are pretty much just lazy bums... except this one girl we found. Her name is Edjane, she’s probably like 25ish. she is a member of this church that everyone calls the church of the veil. the women use veils during the meetings. But she had some good questions and we taught the plan of salvation. other elders had taught her a lot already. but she prayed and got an answer, but her family doesn´t want her to have anything to do with us. She went to church and we were upstairs because she was a little late, and she was too shy to go in and so she left. Bummer eh? I felt bad, but we´ll get her to go this week and I think she´ll be baptized. Before she prayed she said that she was 100 percent sure that her church was right for her, but then she prayed and is way more open.

Still no Halloween package, but we have zone conference on the 15th so I´ll probably get it there.

You got snow? Man, I miss the snow. Today we went and played b-ball at the church, and I wore a cutoff shirt and I got super sunburned. It´s so hot all the time, even at night it´s super-hot. We are going to try and start getting up at like 6 to go play ball at the church, we just got to see if they will give us a key to the gate, and let us keep the ball at our house.

Last night we went and had a barbeque at a member’s house. There´s this lady named Vanessa and her husband Afranio, they are the coolest members in the branch. They always take care of us. I still haven’t taken a pic with them but I will send one this week I didn’t take pics because of the rain, and I can’t really carry my camera in this area, there’s always robberies and shootings.

My comp is a funny guy; he always makes weird jokes...

We will go to a member's house for family home evening tonight. It's a girl who just got back from her mission. She helps us out.
But not a whole lot going on besides this, I hope school and work and everything is going good. Have a great week.

Be good everyone and be safe.
Love, Bradley

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