Monday, January 16, 2012


Date: January 16, 2012
Area: Paraíso, Alagos
Companion: Elder Araujo
From: São Paulo, Brazil

Hey guys!
This week was really good! I had a great birthday thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes. This week we had a lot of success, our only problem is getting people to church.... we marked with 11 people to take to church and only 1 person went. We found an awesome family this week that has already investigated the church and visited a bunch... they stopped going when the father of the family got killed. but they are all super interested. the son plays professional soccer for one of the the teams here in Maceió called CSA. they are all super cool. We´re still working with Ingrid's sister Tainara. We´re doing good here. a week from tomorrow we´re planning on marrying Eliene, that's another super cool family here. the kids are all members but she´s not married, but is way excited to get baptized.

I´ll send a picture of my birthday cake that some members made for me.
(Vanessa is a sweet lady who takes care of the missionary's we have messaged each other on face book, when I thank her for being so good to Bradley she tells me not to thank her because she loves that boy, - that just makes me so happy and grateful)

I hope Brian's loving St George. Just bumming around. i bet he´s loving it. It´s still super hot here, but I´m way more used to it than last year. but if you happen to send a package send me some gold bond lol.

 That´s crazy that it still hasn´t snowed there... maybe I´ll see snow in May!!!

I´m doing good here, my companion is super cool. We got a new missionary in the house from the Amazon, he´s got some crazy stories.

I'm still reading D&C... no  didn't get the letters from my cousins.

but that's about it!!! I love you all!!! be safe and have a great week.
 I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us.

Elder Ludlow

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