Monday, February 20, 2012


Date: February 20, 2012
Area: Bebedouro, Alagos
Companion: Elder Rowland
From: Sacremento, California

Hey guys!!!

This week has been okay!!! Carnaval is CRAZY in my area... Last night it was pretty nuts, everyone partying and dancing in the streets, men dressed up like women all over the place. Throwing flour and eggs at each other... so we haven´t really been finding new investigators, just working with who we have... this week we´ve been working a lot with a family of 4 women. We took them all to church this week and marked 3 of their baptisms for the 3rd of May. But they still have a lot of doubts and stuff... but their way cool and progressing well. The bishop of my ward is super cool, he served in salt lake a while back... he gave an awesome gospel principles class about baptism this week that I think helped them out a bunch. I feel like it was really a miracle that we´re teaching them, they came up and asked us about the church... we´ve also been working with that family we were going to marry but the dad has been drinking a bunch... so I don’t know, we´re trying with them... Carnaval is today and tomorrow and then we can go back to working hard and finding new investigators, but people just wanna drink and listen to music right now...

Transfers are this week, I stayed with Elder Rowland, and Elder Gomes got transferred from the house... so we´ll be getting a new roommate tomorrow...

Later today I´m going up to Paraíso to visit Vanessa and Eliene´s family. I´ll see Elder Araujo before he gets transferred..

We went to center to go to the market and everything was a ghost town because of carnaval. So next week we´re gonna go back.

But not a whole lot going on besides this... we´re doing good... I´m studying a lot and learning every day!!!
 I love the scriptures and talks from the Liahona...
Love you guys be safe!!!

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