Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

Date: March 26, 2012

Area: Bebedouro, Alagos
Companion: Elder Rowland
From Sacramento,  California

Hey family!!!

I´m having a good time this week! This week we had ward conference, so we spent most of the week visiting less-actives and inviting everyone... the ward had a goal to double the attendance. Normally we have 60ish people so the goal was 120. We had 140 at church so it was a huge success!!!! There were a lot of investigators. Also Presidente and Sister Gonzaga went... in my gospel principles class there was like 30 people President and Sister Gonzaga went... so it was pretty intense. but it was good...

And after church yesterday we baptized a girl name Marcia. We will baptize her mom and maybe this other girl that went to church yesterday next week. The baptism went well, she was really excited.

Marcia's Baptism

Ummm...I´m doing good, this week is the last week of the transfer! Then we have a short five week transfer... my last. it´s definitely getting harder to focus but I´m still going strong... I kinda feel like my trunkyness is making Elder Rowland trunky... poor guy, I never had a comp that was about to go home, it would be hard I bet. But he´s coming along great in the language and is an awesome companion. I dunno if he´ll be the one to "kill" me, but it´d be cool if he did...

This area is just pure hills and craziness... most of the area is like favela, just on the hill with no legit roads or anything, so its super hard to find houses... plus around here the people put whatever number the feel like on their house so there’s no order... but I´m liking it the leadership and the bishop are really good... and there´s some cool members..

That´s cool Brian came up for a while... congrats bubs on the race! That’s sick he won a board!

I hope Brookie does good in softball.

but yeah not much else... today we took the train to center its actually nice. only 50 cents....

I think next week my comp and I are gonna go to a Rodizio Churrascaria and eat... since one of us might get transferred...

But yeah... I´m doing good learning and growing every day and thankful and I´m glad to be here doing the Lord´s work!!!!!

Love you all

Elder Ludlow


Happy birthday!!! here in a few weeks I´ll give you your birthday hug... lol. I´m great here and loving my mission. I hope that work and everything is going great and that you have an awesome birthday! wow you´re 44 old man! hope you can keep up with me when we go hunting this year! just kidding!
You´re a great dad and I´m so lucky to have you in my life!

Love, Bradley

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