Monday, April 9, 2012

29 Days!!

Date: April 9, 2012
Area: Bebedouro, Alagos
Companion: Elder Rowland
From Sacramento, California

Hey guys!!!!

How are you guys? Everything is going good here in the Bebedouro ward. This week was kinda rough this week was a holiday, Semana Santa (Holy Week) started on Friday so naturally everyone is drinking, dancing in the streets, etc... It’s sad that even Easter is a time for wickedness....

We confirmed Nadja and Marcia, last week we couldn´t because of conference.... and we had a few baptisms marked for next Saturday, only problem is that they didn´t go to church, and we don’t know what happened...

We also painted the inside and outside of the bishop’s house this week, it was a nice service project...

I also got the package!!! Thanks a bunch, we enjoyed the rockstars!!! lol and right after this we´re gonna go to Vanessa´s house for a family night so I´ll give her the gift...

They had a huge drug bust today in the alley right by our house... there was like 15 police officers and a bunch of people crowded around... pretty crazy.

I´m doing good, less than 30 days!!!! it´s flying by and I´m not gonna lie I´m starting to get trunky!!!! I can’t help but think about it!!!!

I took some money out today to eat Açaí. I´m just gonna do fun stuff on p-days.... only 4 more!!!!!

I´m glad Brian took work off to do fun stuff, I’m excited to hang out with my brothers when I get home...

Anyways, I gotta go already. Take care you guys!!!

Love you!!!!

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