Monday, April 30, 2012

Date: April 30, 2012
Area: Bebedouro, Alagos
Companion: Elder Rowland
From Sacramento, California

Hello family,
This week was pretty good, just kinda slow... kinda like when your little and waiting for Christmas to get here.... lol not that I´m THAT excited to go home, just anxious....

But for sure the highlight of the week was on Wednesday, Elder Jeffery R. Holland came and spoke... it was awesome. I really felt the spirit and learned a lot. We took a picture with him and we all shook his hand. He said that by shaking our hand, he interviewed each one of us, it was cool.

We are still working with one family of those boys, but they said they´d go to church but weren’t home in the morning. They are cool people and always listen, but I feel like they aren’t really progressing... but we did have one investigator, a guy named Edson, a reference from a member.

My pics almost got lost this week an elder formatted my card, but I downloaded a program and got them back... I was soooo mad when I saw that they were gone.....

I´m glad that Brooke won her game...I´ll go watch you play when I get home.

For p day we went and visited a couple of people from Tabuleiro... it was cool to see the area and the people again. I hadn’t been there since 2010... I´ll send some pics.

I love you guys, I’m doing great and am excited to see you all in a week!!!!

I know the church is true and that God loves us,
Elder Ludlow

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