Thursday, July 15, 2010

Awsome Experience

Date: July 15, 2010
Area: Brazil CTM, Sao Paulo
Companion: Elder Marx
From Arizona

I found Elder Marx Blog - Bradley's companion- and he wrote about an experience that they had, so I called and asked for permision to put it on Bradley's blog. ( Bradley lost half of his last letter so maybe he wrote about it then didn't have time to write it again- who knows) 
"We had a really cool experience this week though. We got here in São Paulo and Elder Ludlow (my new companion) and I had to handle this really difficult TRC scenario two days later while everyone else had been prepping for it all week. What happened was we had fifteen minutes to try to teach this family and after that we get pulled out and critiqued and then we tried again. Well the first time was just plain terrible. For some reason I couldn't speak any Português for the life of me and Elder Ludlow was the same. It was awful. Let's just say our professor who critiqued us had plenty to cover. Before we went back in we said a prayer and asked for help so we could speak the language and understand what was being said. When we got back in there, Elder Ludlow just took off with practically perfect Português. It was seriously amazing. It was seriously the gift of tongues and the spirit kicking in and we taught what we needed. Amazing. I just need that help 24/7 now..."
Thank you Courtney for letting me take this from Elder Marx Blog, it made me cry


Linda said...

Mark and I went to the blog as soon as we got your text message. WE CRIED, TOO. LOL
'See', bradley, I wish I could tell him, 'you learned what you needed to in Provo ,after all.'
THANK YOU, Jodi. We're all choked up. We're STOKED!!!!!!

Linda said...

Thank you, too, Brad, the Dad. We know your heart loves every word and success, too.
xoxo Your Dad and Linda

The Ludlow Family said...

Wow!! That is so awesome! I don't even have words.