Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's crazy how much better I can speak Portuguese when I'm feeling the spirit.

Date: July 20, 2010
Area: Brazil CTM, Sao Paulo
Companion: Elder Marx
From Arizona

Sao Paulo - Taken from the CTM window

Hey, Hey
    Hey family!!! Hows it going? I'm doing good here in Sao Paulo its really fun to go around Sao Paulo.
We had to teach a full lesson to Brazilians the first Saturday we got here. It's crazy how much better I can speak Portuguese when I'm feeling the spirit.
   On Friday we went and passed out Books of Mormon, we passed out all 6 in about an hour and 20 minutes. It's hard to understand the people cause their so fast but it went pretty well. I taught one guy for like 20 minutes about the restoration. Then we went and toured a big cathedral with Irmano(Brother) Zamboni my teacher. The place where they took us was crazy!!! It was so busy and there were so many people.

Sao Paulo
       Elder Marx is cool... I really miss Elder Hooke though. I haven't seen any of my buddies from Provo, none of them have recieved their visas as of a few days ago. They'll probably end up re assigned somewhere till it comes which sucks because thier Portuguese will suffer. It's crazy how much more we learn here. I still can't understand a lot but I know enough to teach gospel stuff and thats all that matters. Today's the last p day in the CTM!!! We all went to a Rodizio and ate with Brother Zamboni it was so good! It was only like 15 reals so like 9 bucks and we all ate a ton! The food here(at the CTM) is of higher quality than Provo but we dont get choices, and I hate the bologna sandwiches for breakfast everyday. ha ha! 
     I bought some postcards of Sao Paulo but I dunno when I can send them. And I got a Temple schedule for my collection... I love the Sao Paulo Temple. It's not huge but they have awesome dark mahogony and sweet stained glass windows.
   Yes I get your letters. It'll be nice to have in the field cause I just send it there and they email it to you.
All the people going to Maceio left today so I'll be 1 week behind the transfer. Elder Chandler (the one we met at the missionary mall) is the only American I think plus 2 in Provo but theirs a bunch if Brazilians.
   The Brazilians are so cool and funny they are obsessed with iron maiden and all of the 80s metal bands.
It's just Elder Marx and I in our room till Thurs. then we'll have Brazilians for about 4 days till I go to Maceio. It's crazy its only a week away. I dunno when I'll email again I'm not sure when pday is but I'll try and call.
I hope Bri had a nice birthday!!! Tell him I love him.
I love you all!! Be safe and be good .
I think the flight to Maceio is like 5 or 6 hrs. hopefully I can call. Oh and tell Dad the cable lines are crazy here lol.  They don't let us take our cameras out in Sao Paulo or I would take pics. and theirs not really trucks so people just strap ladders on little geos and stuff. It's pretty funny!!!
      Love you all, say hi to the cousins and all of my friends.
Oh and hows Alvin?   does he go to church?
 Love ya, bye

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