Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wow 2 letters in 1 day! 7/13/10

Date: July 13, 2010
Area: Brazil CTM, Sao Paulo

So I just went out and got the mail and there was a letter from Bradley!
Hey Family! Bom Dia!
How's life going? It was nice to talk to all of you on the phone.
Today was my first day in the Brazil MTC! My flight went well.
I love it here already!
On our way to the MTC the van broke down, so the driver just stops in the middle of the freeway and starts working on the van. Then a truck pulled us to the side of the freeway and we had to stand on the side for like an hour and a half while another van came to get us.
The city is sweet! There's so many little houses all piled together.
I'm stoked for p-day we pretty much have a mile radius around the CTM that we can just walk around and check out.
The Brazilian Elders are way nice, they love to teach you and want to learn English.
This MTC is way smaller. There's only 200 people here compared to 2500-3000.
I'll try and figure out how to send pictures when I email.
I still don't know when p-day is
This place seems way more chill than Provo.
I'm way stoked to be here!
Hope all is well!
Love Ya!     TCHAU!
Love, Bradley

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