Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First email from Brazil

Date: July 13, 2010
Area: Brazil CTM, Sao Paulo
Companion: Elder Marx
From Arizona

I asked him to tell me if his companion is American or Brasilian, does he speak English, I wanted to know everything he's been doing too. but his computer shut down and he lost his first letter and he only gets 30 min. so this is a short one. we will anxiously await next weeks letter.

Hello from Brazil!!
Hey family! I'm doing good here in Brazil.... it´s way better than Provo.
After I finish emailing I get to go explore Sao Paulo. The temple here is really neat, they have some cool stained glass windows. The traffic here is crazy!!! people drive like maniacs and the motorcycles are nuts. I really like it here. this MTC is way more relaxed I like being able to talk to the Brazilians, it helps a ton to be able to understand them and learn new words. We get snack time here and Sunday naps, it's all around just more relaxed.
       That sucks about Elder Hooke, yeah his eyes were wierd a couple times when I was there but I guess its still happening. (Elder Hooke's Mom emailed me and told me she got a call from the MTC and he's having eye problems and had to go see a specialist, keep him in your prayers)
I love Sao Paulo. This weekend I go to downtown SP and give out Book of Mormons. I'm stoked but nervous.
My district is 22b and my box is 22.
   The language is good but now that I've heared real Portuguese I realize how slow I am.
My comp is Elder Marx I can't wait to get to Maceio. I've met quite a few Americans and Brasilians going there. its gonna be so cool only 2 more weeks.
Hows everything at home? hows the house? did you get my first letter???
Hope all is well I'm doing great here so stop worrying.
Sorry this is so short the comp shut off and I lost like half of my letter.
oh yeah I can only send mail on pday I guess, so you won't get a letter for at least a week.
I miss you all and love you!!! be safe and be good!!!

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