Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm so glad I got my Visa!

Date: July 2, 2010
Area: Provo MTC, Utah
Companion: Elder Hooke
From Ventura, California

Hey family! How are you all? I'm doing great!! I'm so glad that I got my visa!!!! there was like 10 that came in on Tuesday, some people will go straight to the field though. I'll call you at the airport. and if dad is at work I'll try and call his cell. it was good to call home and to see mom. (I drove by the MTC after having lunch with Brad on Wed. Bradley's district was walking back to the MTC from playing soccer. I rolled down my window and Said Hi. Bradley said "That's my mom" then all of the elders waved and said hi sister Ludlow! I waved and then the light turned green. He looked really good. And I recognized his companion Elder Hooke from the pictures, him and Bradley waved a couple of times before I had to turn the corner) it's wierd when you see family it feels like your breaking the rules or something! Thanks for the package. I'm gonna start gathering stuff to send home tonight.
 Elder Hooke sent his visa stuff like 2 weeks after me. I'm the 3rd from my district to go but one of them already had thier visa but accidentaly got sent here. I think I'm gonna be the last group to go to Sao Paulo. I think everyone else will have to finish here and go straight to the field. I'm stoked for the MTC in Sao Paulo!!! I get to go walk around on the street on p-day to all of the little stores and stuff, there's like a 3 block radius. plus they bus us to a street about as busy as wall street or something to contact people. My flight leaves at around 2 and I'll get to Atlanta at 7:40 then leave at I think 9:40 then get to Sao Paulo at 8:15 am their time. I can't wait I'm stoked!!! I bet I'll be behind on the language but it's gonna be overwhelming anyways.
I'm not gonna give anyone my email address cause there's no time. I dont even have enough time to read your emails and respond. but in the field I'll probably have an hour. so last Friday night there was a devotional with 8 Apostles and Quentin Cook spoke, then M. Russell Ballard talked in my priesthood meeting. All of the brethren were here sometime last weekend. pretty cool!!!
 I'm gonna pack on Sunday and Monday and try to make the weight work. With the carry on bag I should be good. Well hope all is well I'm doing great!!! Everyone is super jealous and gives me crap cause I got my visa. lol I'm sad to leave my district, there's some kids from Utah that we have already planned to chill when we get back!!!
 That sucks Brasil lost!!! I was hoping I would be there when they played it's supposed to be CRAZY!!! the whole country literally closes down when they play.
I love you all and hope everything is going good! be safe and be good! hope work and stuff is going good!
oh yeah I cleaned the temple, we scrubbed the lockers, it was nasty and so long we scrubbed them for 3 and a half hours. but it was cool to be in the temple.
well love you all!!!
 love elder ludlow

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Linda said...

This is the letter we've been waiting for!!!! Boy, he sounds soooooo good. Love the way he says "STOKED" !
JUST AS YOU ALWAYS SAY--"iT'S ALL GOOD. We hope Elder Hooke gets to the Brazil MTC , too
We got a good card from this cute "Elder Ludlow". He's a good grandson. I went to Elder Hooke's blog , too. love it.
Just imaging all the brethren there to inspire these great young missionaries!!!
love to you. we'll call tomorrow.
we had a good trip to Mesa.
Love, Grandpa and Grandma Ludlow--aka L&M