Monday, October 4, 2010

oi, como foi a semana?

Date: Oct. 4, 2010
Area: Arapiraca, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Thomas
From Herriman, Utah

      Hey, This week was really good, We watched conference and I was really happy that it was in English. They had a separate room for us to watch. We watched all of the sessions and I really enjoyed it, it was nice to hear it in English and I really got a lot out of it. I loved all of the talks and I really felt the Spirit when the Prophet spoke. I love all of the Apostles and I know that what they have to say is the most important thing that we can follow. This was for sure the most spiritual conference for me yet in my life.

    Elder Hooke has it rough, but you learn so fast in the mission he´ll catch on really fast.
 I´m glad that my father is tight and speaks English. not just that, he's from the 801!!! ha ha

      This week we faulted water for 2 or 3 days. Welcome to Brazil, back home if you won't have water between 2 and 3 am they send notices months in advance and people still flip out. ha ha here people go weeks. it sucks when that happens.

      Tell grandma to send more peanut butter, and mac and cheese, some candies and junk food, ties(can´t have enough, just go to d.i. though don't buy nice ones) maybe a box of captain crunch. (but the only milk we drink here is powdered, they sell straight milk but it´s in a coke bottle and i don´t know if i trust it.) just remember I'm gonna have a Brazzie companion and so send enough stuff for them too,  Man I miss American food.   Here all the meat and stuff is hecka sketchy, like it´s just hanging outside on hooks and stuff. this week Elder Thomas and I had this meat and I cut it open and it was yellow. it literally tasted like how wet dog food smells. Elder Thomas loaded my plate up too.   I also ate a chicken head. it was okay.
I miss just going to the kitchen and grabbing a bowl of cereal or ice cream.

    It's getting hot here. I´m sleeping with a fan every night now, but  I guess it gets unbearable.   I already am dripping with sweat within 5 minutes of leaving the house. I need gold bond by the way too lol I´m almost out, that stuff has become my best friend.

    We baptized Rafael on Saturday between sessions, it went well, except he didn´t really want to go under, his friend had to try like 8 times to get it right, it was cool though.

       Transfers are next week so this is my last week with my father. we don´t know who will stay and who will go because we arrived together in the area. We both kinda wanna go just because the ward won´t be the same without the buddies in the ward. One left this week and one will leave tomorrow, one is going to Sao Paulo and one to Joao Pessoa(north of Recife)

      Today we played uno and chilled at another Elder´s house for a while. I really wanna take a nap if I can.

     I hope my packages get here soon!!! I can´t wait I'm so excited!!!
I hope all is great there in Riverton.

         That's cool Jannette is having a girl, she´ll be big by the time I meet her.

I hope the kids are all doing good and having fun!!!

When will the boys go hunting?
I'm kinda outta things to say, but just know that I love you and I´m safe and strong and tearing it up here in the mish!!!
Be good everyone and be safe!!!

Batizador Ludlow

Baptisms between conference sessions on Sat.


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Linda said...

Dear Western Charmers,
What a letter again.
A baptism!!!!8 times!!! That's a record in my life's experience. Doesn't he look good? Still so young and YOUNG!!!
Seems like all the elders want peanut butter. I guess next to Pizza , it's the thing.

I feel for him in the heat. I'm glad they don't have to wear suit coats. Humidity can take it out of you, but he'll just have another story to tell his kids, some day, that his mission was "hotter" than any other. LOL.
We're happy for him, his progress and adjustment to changes, though challenging, for sure.
( So glad he got conference in English. We enjoyed his comments. His best conference. )

He sure loves to hear from everyone.
Scott and Niki and kids surprised us today. What a CUTE family. You'll never guess where we went to eat. LOL. They wish they could send money , too. I guess Mark explained the situation fairly well.
I hope Bradley gets a great new companion . So does Grandpa. We really read these letters and have written, I hope enough for him to know we love him. WE try to print a picture on the paper that he would like each time lately.
WE love you allllll.
I'll email more before we go Wed.
Love, Grandpa and older Grandma Linda-Don't like 65 Ha Ha