Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey Guys, I Love you!!!

Date: Oct. 25, 2010
Area: Tabuliero, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Villanova
From Southern Brazil

Elder Villanova and Bradley are on the ends

This week was okay, it was kinda crazy cause we´re having a lot of problems with some missionaries so I did a lot of divisions. I stayed at the zone leaders house for like 3 days with the same clothes, and no money. I even used a towel for a blanket. ha ha But I met some really cool Elders and we found some good investigators and stuff. so yeah I didn´t work in our area at all this week. so I have some pics but not a lot of good ones. I´ll start taking a lot

We had interviews with President this week, and I really liked it, he gave me a lot of great advice and said exactly what I needed to hear! It was a really good boost for me.

Yeah I know Elder Stembridge. I lived with him for the first few days of my mission. He´s cool.

Yeah I got Jill's letters a few days ago I started writing them back, I´ll send it this week. I have a lot of letters to write, its just hard to find the time...

Elder Oaks is coming this week!!! It's gonna be really cool. I´m excited. I just hope that I don´t get called on to do a practice or anything. My zone and another zone are also doing a choir thing. I hate it but I have to do it. lol I´m not really the singing type as you know. but We´ll go around and sing at Catholic churches and stuff, today we had practice and then played soccer. Then I made some tasty french toast.

My scripture cases came I´ll send pics I love them!!!! If You and Dad want some I can order them. I still have to pay the guy btw...

           Bradley's personalized scripture cases

I got an email from Ryan and he sounded really good. He´s killing spiders the size of small plates and yelling funny stuff at people in English, ya know typical Ryan stuff ha ha I love that kid!!!! (Ryan is serving in Guatemala)
That's good Matt´s married, now he can work on getting to the temple.
That's crazy that one of my best friends is married!!!! I'm old lol.

BRIAN!!!!!!!!! nice buck!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! that makes me trunky!!!! That's a huge deer I'm proud buddy. ps yes you can use my gun if you ask nicely you weenie. ha ha man I can't wait to go hunting. that's one of the things I miss most. How wide is that bad boy?
That deer really brightened up my day though, congrats Brian. I hope Bubba gets one now too!!!!

I wish it was snowing here I´m just roasting in unexplainable agony. I can't describe to you how it feels, it's so hot and humid I feel like I always need to shower and my face is always breaking out. but its fun... I just miss Utah lol.

But yeah this week was crazy/ a little stressful!!!!!
Just pray for me.

Love you mom!!!!!!
I´m realizing how much you did for me before the mish.

Be Safe!
I Love you all,

PS I liked brooke´s spider cake and stuff!!!!!
All the Brazilians talk about Halloween.
They don´t have it here and think it´s so cool!!!!!

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