Monday, November 1, 2010

Elder Oaks was Awesome!!

Date: Nov. 1, 2010
Area: Tabuliero, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Villanova
From Southern Brazil

Hey guys!!!!!

Hows it going? This week was good. Elder Oaks was awesome and it was a cool experience to shake the hand of an Apostle. He gave a really great discussion along with his wife, President and Sister Beynon and 2 Seventies. I really learned a lot and it gave me a really great boost to get out and baptize!! All of the talks were great!! Elder Oaks talked about maintaining ourselves spiritually it was a great talk, and it was good to see Elder Thomas and everyone from Aripiraca, He's zone leader now.

I made 5 months!!!! My mission is already almost a quarter of the way finished!!!!

I was completely broke for the last few days because we literally had lunch like 4 times last month, and so I´ll send in a reimbursement but they only give us 2.50 per day if our lunch falls. It really sucks when we don't have lunch.

My house is still crazy but I like it, 2 Elders are ending this week so it´ll be me, Villanova, and the assistants after this week.

We had Christmas choir practice this morning, then we played soccer. I´m still not good by any means compared to the Brazilians, but I´m getting better. but I fell and landed wrong on my wrist, and it´s really bugging me. ha ha I looked like an idiot when I turfed it and it was pretty embarrassing, but what can I do??? lol then after we went to a Churrascaria and ate(like Rodizio) and it was really good, and definitely a lot cheaper than back home.

I did a few divisions with the assistants this week, one of them is really cool, and he speaks English really well. so we teach each other a lot. he´s learned just on the mission.

That's good the kids are all doing good in school. and getting good grades, hows Brookie liking middle school? she seems to small for the seventh grade. lol, and Brian's a senior!!! weird, Bubba´s got his last year at North Star eh?

That's cool Cody´s going to Russia!!!! I´ll think of him when I´m out sweating and wishing for snow. He´ll do great!!!
And I'm glad Micah´s doing good. I love that kid.

Still no packages, I´m stoked for them!!!! I cant wait for good, American food and stuff. but packages take sometimes 2 months or more. so it still could take a while.

My cases are cool huh? I like them, my scrips were getting hammered.

I love you Mom, your a great example and I´m so greatful for all of the things you do for me, I'm realizing now how much of a pain I was for you, now that I have to clean up all of my crap and do everything. ha ha

We had some good investigators at church. so hopefully we can get some batismos soon.
I love you all!!! be safe!!!!! I'm doing great and having a blast!!!!!!

Elder Ludlow

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Linda said...

We loved this letter. From Elder Oaks and the authorities, to the boost it gave him, to getting ticked at the saints for not feeding these missionaries , to seeing him love his friends and loving his buddy Micah sp
to all his love for his family.

How We miss you, too. It seems like forever. I -grandma went through 260 pictures and boy , I had missed lots. So good to see old things I'd loved and the new brave hunting, missionary and Halloween costume of Brookie.

Gosh, Jodi, Thank you for all this work. It is work and it helps us know what to do as grandparents a little better.

Good to talk to you Brad, sunday, tonight.
more soon, Grandma Linda