Monday, November 8, 2010

Hangin in there

Date: Nov. 8, 2010
Area: Tabuliero, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Villanova
From Southern Brazil

Picture taken today

 Bradley's companion has been having a few problems the past few weeks, But he's hangin in there. 
Hey Family!
Not much new has happened this week here either. But this week was better than the last few.

The 2 Elders went home and our house is finally more calm, clean, and there´s a lot more room. They were both really hard ppl to get a long with, but the other ppl are really cool, my comp and the assistants.
It's weird that I live in pure Portuguese now, but its helping me a lot. They had 6 missionaries sharing one house.

Our house is just crappy and gross, we´re working on getting it cleaned up. the Missionaries have lived there for like 7 years or something but we gotta find a new house before the end of the year.

All 4 of the Missionaries share the same bedroom, and each companionship has a study room.
       Bradley's bed has the brown sheets.

I miss my room, carpet, our toilets, a/c snow etc... lol
The floors are tile or cement

I think this is the view out of his bedroom window, not sure

It's getting so hot here its not even funny. I always feel sticky and hot.

Remember how I hurt my arm playing futbol? well its getting worse, and I'm having a hard time sleeping because of it sometimes. Sister Beynon wants me to go get it X-rayed. so we´ll see.

I have no clue about thanksgiving. I dunno that we´ll do anything.

This week we had at least one good thing happen, this random guy that we don't even know asked to be baptized. I know that the Lord is blessing me because the problems we're having are out of my hands. He knows that I'm trying and so he´s providing the rest.
Hopefully He´ll be baptized in the next week or 2 .

I don't really know the ward really well still. But there´s some cool people, the meetings are horrible. People talk about the most random, pointless things and everyone is hecka crazy during sacrament. Some guy shared is testimony for like 20 min. on Sunday about nothing and after some lady got up to the pulpit and started burning him and said he was breaking commandments for taking too long lol. it was awkward/funny.

Tell Cody good luck!!! I'm excited for him. tell him to just suffer through the MTC and the rest is cake, it flies by. (Cody got called to the Moscow, Russia mission) and tell McKay that I'm thinkin that he´ll go to Canada. That's my guess, or somewhere back east.

I hope Brian had a good time at the 10 yrs concert; that was the best concert I went to. I hope those guys are still at it when I get back! who all went?

Still no package...

We're still having choir practice on p-days, its torturous for me but oh well. I always hated singing. ha ha

I'm doing well!!! I'm having a good time here and staying safe!!!

Love you all so much!!!

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