Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Date: Nov. 22, 2010
Area: Tabuliero, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Oborn
From Sacramento, Ca

Beach in Maceio

Hey this week was really good! We´re working really hard here in this ward and getting a lot of references. We're gonna mark a lot of baptisms this week cause we have a lot of references.

I got my package today!!!!! but I had to pay a bunch of tax. I kinda threw a fit and tried to get outta paying but the lady at the post office couldn´t do anything about it because its the government. they just check random boxes I guess. but I heard that it helps if you slap a sticker or picture of Virgin Mary or Catholic Jesus on the box.

But we went to downtown Maceio today with the Sister Missionaries to get my package  and we had to wait forever to get a bus so that's why I'm so late today. but it was really fun I finally got to see the beach! it's so hot here that its not even funny. I really miss the snow and stuff. ppl are setting up for Christmas here but it doesn't even feel like Christmas.

Bradley's Companion Elder Oborn

It was good to get the emails from everyone! I like to hear from you guys.
Brookies project was really impressive.

I hope you guys have a good Thanksgiving. We´ll probably make those cookies you guys sent to celebrate here. I didn't really see what was in it, as I only went home for like 2 min before coming here. but the maple, ranch, and dewskies are lookin pretty appetizing. I´m just gonna have to try really hard to ration it all out cause I live with 3 other ppl. but the assistants should enjoy some American food. I liked the ties too, especially the red one with little ducks on it.

Transfers are here but were both staying. My father Thomas is staying another one in Aripiraca! 4 in one area is a long time for him! but I'm happy to stay here cause I need to baptize, and we should baptize a lot this transfer.

So yeah not much else. I cant wait to talk to you on the phone at Christmas.
and on the 26th of this month I'll make 6 mos!!!

But not alot to say here this stupid computer cant read usb so I gotta switch to send photos.
but I love you all and hope you are safe, have fun in Nauvoo Dad and drive safe thanks for the jerky

I love you!!!

Beach in Maceio

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