Monday, November 29, 2010

6 Months!!

Date: Nov. 29, 2010
Area: Tabuliero, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Oborn
From Sacramento, California

Hey guys!

This week was good. Just really busy and kinda stressful. My ward got Sister Missionaries so we´ve been helping them get to know the way around the area and stuff.
 So they split the area in two, so now Elder Oborn and I have to walk to freakin Vietnam everyday to work, I mean we literally walk to the end of the earth and back everyday, but its all good lol.

It’s fun to eat lunch with the Sisters and we're teaching some really cool people. We sang at the mall with the choir last week. It was really nice I felt like I was in America for a little while, the mall is just like one back home, tonight we´ll have another choir performance which is kind of a bummer cause it´ll cut our p-day short but oh well..

We didn’t do anything on Thanksgiving it was a way busy day.

For my 6 month day my comp bought a pizza and I burned a tie, it's a tradition, so I found this old tie in our house and burned it. It’s crazy when I got here the guys with 6 months seemed so experienced and spoke so well but I still feel really new... that’s probably cuz I am lol

So grandma left eh? is Dad back yet or is he still there? Grandma will be a really good missionary.

I'll email Ryan if I have time, last I heard he was really sick and had to go to the hospital. I bet he ate or drank something bad. (he's serving in Guatemala)

I really liked the package! and so did all of the Brazilians! Some of dad’s elk jerky was bad but I saved most of it and it’s really good!! And we made some cookies.

We're helping a family build a house, we helped with the foundation and now were putting up the brick walls and stuff. One cool/cute thing here is there’s a group of little girls all from ages 4-9 that live in this Favela,and every time they see me they yell "Hey Gallego!" (big white dude) and start hugging and climbing all over me and so it’s pretty crazy. lol They tell me that I'm cuter than Elder Oborn cuz I have blond hair and light eyes. but it’s kinda funny all the people there know us now because of these crazy little kids.
But its fun I'm liking it here.

Almost all of the roads are dirt instead of cobblestone so its kinda rough to walk all day on uneven muddy roads. My shoes are already way thin on the bottom and starting to wear through. but I have 1 more pair still to wear.

I hope everything is all good there! I love you! be safe!

I was online at the same time as Bradley I wrote back and told him that we can spot him right away when we get group missionary pictures from him because of his blond hair and fair skin, and this is what he wrote back It's weird sometimes I look in the mirror and am so surprised at myself and how white I am, cuz everyone here is black and so I'm not used to seeing white ppl.  lol.


Derek and Jannette said...

I loved reading that email. Bradley is so cute!

Jodi Ludlow said...

He's always been good with little kids, I can just see them hanging all over him and teasing him!

Linda said...

Bradley really sounds good in this letter. It shocks grandpa ludlow when he realizes that he has been retired as long as Bradley has been on his mission.
You can feel Bradley's growth in this letter. Kinda like Mark says, He's shifted into a higher gear.
We look forward to his emails each week so much. We're glad he's got those little kids to make him happy- he has always had a GREAT way with them. LOL FUNNY that his light skin color shocks him when he looks in the mirror. You can kinda imagine it, actually.

Mark installed the new water heater today and it actually works:-) He worked hard all day outside blowing leaves, raking, and then the water heater. It;s nice to have it in.
love to you all,
L & M

Derek and Jannette said...

Bradley is really good with kids I know that my boys love him!