Sunday, December 19, 2010

Your son is doing great!

2 weeks ago Bradley wrote about the choir singing at the cruise port:

This week the choir sang 3 times, We went to another mall, to a Catholic Church and to the cruise port. It was cool to sing at the cruise port there was a ton of Mormons all there together. It really made me want to go on a cruise again. But we sang like right where everyone gets off of the ship so that was pretty cool

I got a phone call on Friday from a sweet lady from Wyoming, who was on a cruise ship that stopped in Maceio. She said that the missionaries were there singing. she spoke with Elder Ludlow (Bradley) and that he's doing great! He's strong and healthy and happy, She said that she told him that she would call me when she got home.
   She told me that the area is very poor and that the people there don't have much. She said that's the first time she has ever seen a LDS church with a tall fence around it with a lock.
    It was so great to hear from someone who was there talking to him and said that he looks good!
She said that she will send pictures to me.

I found these pictures from another missionary blog

Bradley's in the back on the right

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