Monday, December 20, 2010

I can't wait to talk to you on Christmas!

Date:Dec.20, 2010
Area: Tabuliero, Alagoas
Companion: Elder Oborn
From Sacramento, California

          I Love this picture! What a cute little girl!!     
              I love it when Bradley sends pictures

Hey guys!

     How´s it going? I hope everybody had a good week and is enjoying the cold weather!
This week was okay, one cool thing that happened was that President Beynon went with us to go teach people. That was pretty neat, He does a really good job of helping people understand what they need to do. But this week was definitely a hard one, it just seemed like everything that we had planned just didn´t happen. I don´t know if it was the fact that it is almost Christmas or what, but of the 6 baptisms we had marked 4 or 5 fell through. But we´re working hard, and having fun along the way.
I'm a little depressed because I still haven´t baptized here! But hopefully I´ll be blessed after the hard times ya know?

    Oh and we went and helped work on someones house and my back went out so this whole week my back has been killing me. I'm getting old in all of my 20 years of life lol.

     But it´s almost Christmas!!! I'm way excited to use skype. I´ll call you a few days before to set up a time, but we found a lan house that´s open on Christmas and so it should work. I´ve saved some stories to tell you so I´m excited!!!!

That's good that president Mickelson was at church, I love that man, and I´m keeping him in my prayers.

That sucks that the old guys beat the young guys in church ball lol. who´s playing for the young team?

Yeah that cruise ship lady got a bunch of our phone numbers to call our parents, it was when we went and sang at the port. We had another performance last night at a fireside there were a bunch of people there.

Oh yeah, we went to McDonald's this week too! 7 long months, lol.  I ate a Big Mac it was pretty good just really expensive here.


So what do the kids want for Christmas? I just wanna talk to you guys! I'm way excited!

No I still don't have my Christmas package I bet I´ll get it in like February when did you send it?

Tell McKay I got his letter and I got the pics from you guys. I love getting pictures from you.

We should be moving out this week. I'm not excited to move all of the crap.

I´m kinda out of things to say lol and plus I´ll talk to you in like a few days, so I´ll just upload some pics for you guys!!!

Love ya,  Be safe I´ll call you on Tuesday or Wednesday with a plan!
Love you guys,

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