Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I hit the 11 month mark this week!

Date: April 20, 2011
Area: Itaporanga, Sergipe
Companion: Elder Lopes
From: Fortaleza, Brazil

Hey guys!!!
How are you guys all doing? I´m doing good, the work here is going alright. We´ve still got some baptisms marked for the next few weeks, hopefully they´ll work out. it´s so easy to mark baptisms but it´s freakin´ hard to get people to go to church! so we´ll see.

It´s still really hot here, but the rainy season is starting. I hope that it cools down soon. The city I'm in is way hot cause there´s no wind.

Yesterday we went to district meeting, and after I did a division with my district leader, it was pretty good. I spent p-day at a members house we made food and played some board games.
(I was online the same time as him -I asked him what games he played and what food they made) 
We played a game called war, I sucked. and we made hamburgers.

That´s rough that Brookie´s team has lost the first 2 games. I hope they do better, but it sounds like she´s doing really well. I hope she´s having fun.

I hope my package comes soon, President Beynon will come down in a week or two, so hopefully it comes then. I haven´t gotten any new documents, just a copy of my visa. No I didn´t get letters. And I really suck at sending letters. I keep writing people but I forget to send the letters.

My rash is about the same, I dunno when I´ll go to the dermatologist, they said they´d make me an appointment.

I hit the 11 month mark this week! That´s crazy it´s going by really fast. I should have just a few more weeks here in this area!!! I´m thinkin I´ll leave the area.

But yeah I´m doing good here fam!!! Not really anything going on!!! I haven´t been taking pics, but I´ll do better!

My testimony is growing stronger everyday. I know that the gospel is true and this is where I need to be.
I love you all! be safe and have fun!!!
with love ,
Elder Ludlow

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